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Male Young Great Dane Bloodhound (mixed)

FROM HIS FOSTER: 75 pounds, 18 months. Male, neutered. Bloodhound/Great Dane mix. Looks black with a reddish brown tint. Vet at Hope Spr... show more

FROM HIS FOSTER: 75 pounds, 18 months. Male, neutered. Bloodhound/Great Dane mix. Looks black with a reddish brown tint. Vet at Hope Springs said he may be full grown. Meet the perfect dog, Gus (or GusGus as we love to call him). He is a literal angel. When we were called to pull him from a shelter in North Carolina, we were nervous. We were told he was a terrified wreck: scared of people (especially men), scared of dogs, scared of his own shadow. Apparently, he was even terrified of dog beds?! Well, fast forward to the next day and I could have sworn we had a different dog. He became fast friends with my husband. I’m talking taking naps all day on the couch kind of friends. For someone who shook like a leaf around men a day ago, this was amazing to see. Also, after a few tentative butt sniffs, he started galloping around with my three crazy dogs, wrestling and getting along great. And, after some encouragement, he walked right up to my cat to give him the most gentlest of boops on the nose. He still hasn’t chased the cats at all, despite my dogs’ bad influences. I told you he’s PERFECT. He loves to snuggle, but you have to give him permission. If you don’t want him on your lap (and I really hope you do—he deserves that), he’ll be quite content to chill on the floor. He loves his kennel and if we can’t find him, that’s usually where he is. He’s not a HUGE fan of being left alone, but after a little barking he settles down. It helps that he is in the same room with his dog friends, so I’m not sure how he would do in a house with no pets (not a requirement, just something to think about). He is respectful of dogs who want space. When he had a playdate with a dog who gets nervous around big dogs, GusGus picked up on it and let her come to him. He hardly sheds and if you are a dog owner, you know that this is a godsend. He drools only an average amount after drinking water. If you’ve ever had a Great Dane, you know that this, too, is a miracle. Oddly enough, he does not smell like a dog. He smells clean 24/7. Not really sure how this is possible but, like I said, he is an angel and we do not deserve him. His only fault is that he is a little dopey with “heights.” For example, this morning I heard him whining in my bedroom because he was stuck on top of my bed and couldn’t get down. The bed is taller than he is so I’m not really sure how that’s possible. He’s quite hard to get out of the car because of this, so if you can’t lift 75 pounds, he may not be for you. Gus Gus is lazy. He will go to bed around 7 pm and sleep all night at the foot of my bed. Then, when my husband gets off his night shift around 6 am, GusGus will go BACK to bed for his second nap of the day. He’s kind of like a like a teenager in that he doesn’t start his day until noon. If you encourage him to play, he will. Just know that he is SUPER chill for an 18 month year old pup. He does fairly well in public, even though he may be apprehensive at first. We took him to a brewery where he proceeded to pass out on the floor after tasting beer off of my fingertip. We all forgot he was there. He walks fairly well with an easywalk harness, although after a while he pulls to go back home (probably because he wants another nap). Adopt this boy or I will! :) show less