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Male Labrador Retriever (mixed)

SPECIAL DOG NEEDS A HOME - The below description has been written by my Veterinary Clinic, Marley's current caretaker. Marley a 3yr ol... show more

SPECIAL DOG NEEDS A HOME - The below description has been written by my Veterinary Clinic, Marley's current caretaker. Marley a 3yr old male came to our clinic very ill from vomiting and not eating for days. Initial bloodwork showed kidney problems. They couldn't afford to hospitalize him for i.v. therapy. We gave him some fluids and told them to bring Marley back the next day for more fluids. Marley's condition worsened. Although his owners loved Marley, they were not in the situation to handle any medical costs for the necessary diagnostics and treatments. And we weren't even sure Marley COULD be saved or what would be needed to save him. They signed over ownership and we took on the financial burden of hospitalizing Marley and caring for him. As the days went on Marley's condition went from bad to worse....his bloodwork showed severe kidney issues, starvation and electrolyte imbalances....but why? Up to this point Marley had been a healthy dog....was it poison? Some hidden disease?.....Despite i.v. therapy, antibiotics, repeated bloodwork, and round the clock force feeding, Marley inched closer and closer to death, his frail body continued to weaken, but his eyes begged us for help. He wasn't giving up and neither could we... Finally the diagnosis was made after running a specific test for a rare condition known as Addison's disease, in which the adrenal glands malfunction. After weeks of nursing Marley back to health and administering the proper dose of injectable medication he begin to perk back up....he was a fighter! Most dogs would have succumbed as bad as his kidney values were....but we are blessed that he pulled through, and he didn't spare any of us the full force of his affectionate wet kisses all those weeks. All of our staff fell in love with this sweet boy and even one of our technicians started a fundraiser to help pay for Marley's monthly required medication. He was taken home by another technician where he lived for the last 8 months. He recently became reactive to another dog in the home, however, and was brought back to the clinic. Marley has been well regulated on his monthly injection since this spring and is active, playful, and loves romping with small children. But we need a good home for Marley where he can be a normal young dog with owners willing to bring him in for his monthly injection. We can help cover the costs of the medicine but we are all full of animals in our own homes and can't take him home with us. Can anyone step up for this pup and open their home and heart to dear Marley? If you'd be interested in meeting Marley, please complete the adoption application at He is being house at Fishing Creek Veterinary Clinic in Stillwater, PA. By appointment, you can visit him there by calling (570) 925-6670. Tell them you saw Marley and are interested in making him a part of your family. We and the clinic will stand by to help with future costs related to his diagnosis. At just 3 years old, he truly deserves a chance to live... show less