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Female Young Bloodhound (mixed)

"Is right in your face to close to say Hello?? " Sophie is a beautiful , 18 month old bloodhound mix, full grown, 60 lbs., fully vetted... show more

"Is right in your face to close to say Hello?? " Sophie is a beautiful , 18 month old bloodhound mix, full grown, 60 lbs., fully vetted, spayed in Sept, HW neg. She is looking for a home who has a love for large, goofy hounds! Sophie is a hound who does not know the meaning of personal space but is very loving! Her story is one of many hounds, She was purchased by her previous owners who found out a hound has a very busy nose and she was constantly picked up by animal control and law enforcement in rural KS. The owners never came back for her and she has found herself needing a new home. She is currently at a vet clinic where she lives right now for lack of a better option. The nice people are taking good care of her but it sure is not like having a home of her own. A home with a secure 6 ft. fenced in yard would be ideal for her to be safe and run and play as all young pups should. A home with kids who are older would be best as she is silly and jumpy and could knock them over easily with her joy of life. She adores kids, and is always excited to see them but has not learned to control herself. She will learn to be a great dog with some time and manners training and patience. Do not know how she does with cats. She is not a barker and is fine with other dogs. Sophie will need training to be the best dog she can be and someone who is committed to doing this for her. She stays in a kennel and is still pooping occasionally in her kennel so will need patience with this also. She loves to go for walks and play outside. She is located in Blue Rapids KS. Please fill out an application if you are interested in Sophie and making her a part of your family forever, for better or worse and giving her the time she needs to settle in and be a part of a family. $225 is her adoption fee. show less

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Sweet Pea

Female Young Beagle

"Is your lap big enough for me ? I think it is!! " But just for a moment as i'm a very busy young girl on the go!! I love to zip and zo... show more

"Is your lap big enough for me ? I think it is!! " But just for a moment as i'm a very busy young girl on the go!! I love to zip and zoom all over my fenced in back yard. I may come to you for a few snuggles here and there but until I'm all done playing dont expect it for long! I’m a beautiful lemon beagle and my name has morphed a lot since I’ve been here. I was called Lemonhead and Lemony Snicket, but now my nickname is just Snicket! I know, I know, it just does not seem right! Because I really am the sweetest Sweet Pea you will ever meet! I will let you know I am the sweetest by telling you all about it! In my perfect home I would love for my people to be home more than they are not. I do not care to be home alone for long. I must be kenneled when you are gone, as I can find all kinds of things to do while you are gone that you may not be thrilled about! I dont love the kennel and get extremely exicted when i get out and need time to run off some energy after being in the kennel for awhile. I can go from being the most raving maniacal lunatic when I am playing with the younger resident dog, to a cuddly, innocent, sweet lil thing in zero flat! My favorite time to be still and snuggle is at night after I've spent my day running and playing with another playful pup. So the perfect home for me would have another playmate. My eyes are full of love and appreciation, and my little tail just quivers with pure joy when you hold me! But back to the goofy stuff…here is an example: you better not leave bottled water around where I can get to it because I just cannot resist the crinkly sound! It was even better the last several weeks when foster Mama thought the bigger resident dog had started peeing gallons in the living room all of a sudden. I just snickered and kept quiet! Up until today, I knew how to puncture the bottle in several places at once and let it all spill out in one spot. But today I learned how to puncture just one hole and carry it, squirting it all over the living room! SO much fun spraying it everywhere, except now the other dog is not getting blamed anymore because I got caught red-handed! Oh well, the minute Foster Mama sat down I was in her lap and all was forgiven. Also, I am supposed to tell you to push in all the dining room chairs, otherwise I will sit in one and just survey my world. I am good with cats; in fact, I am the only dog that the resident cat has ever allowed to share Mamas lap with! I have not been around children, but I imagine they would be the best playmates ever! I am just so wiggly, squirrelly, cuddly, and goofy! I love to be outside, too! So my perfect home would have a fenced in yard that i can play in. Squirrels, birds, chipmunks, butterflies are my favorite! I love pretending I can catch them, and I love just sniffing around. Like most hounds, i must be watched when i'm outside so i dont get into something i shouldnt or start digging or something... Would you like me to come and cuddle with you? Sweet Pea was underweight at 16 pounds when she came into rescue, but is now 19 pounds. She could use 1-2 more pounds on her, but she gains weight very slowly as her little tummy just cannot hold much. Plus the fact that she is very active, keeps her weight down. Sweet Pea is currently undergoing heartworm treatment, and then she needs to get spayed. Sweet Pea also needs help with potty training. She is very smart but just does not see any reason to only go outside. She will be available for adoption mid-December. She will need to be on a certain kind of food for being her best self so you must be able to provide that for her. She is fostered in Kansas City. Swet Peas adoption fee is $225.00. show less

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Male Adult Beagle (mixed)

Hi all, my name is Vito and I am a mostly beagle mix approximately 6 years old. (My former family had my DNA tested just for fun and the... show more

Hi all, my name is Vito and I am a mostly beagle mix approximately 6 years old. (My former family had my DNA tested just for fun and the results show 75% beagle, 15% carin terrier and 10% min pin...a very cute mix if I do say so myself). First I need to tell you why I had to leave my family. I loved my home with them but when they had a second baby, I just could not handle it and I started snapping at the babies. It is just too scary for me when very small humans get in my face and poke and pull at me. Foster mom says I am the sweetest, snuggliest little guy in the whole world but it would be best if I went to a home with bigger kids, 8 years old and up would be good. I am a little picky about other dogs. I do not like the ones that are larger than me! Since I had been with my family for about 5 years, I am feeling rather insecure and anxious right now and need some extra patience and time to adjust. Foster mom says I am really a people person and love everyone I meet so I will not have much trouble with new people, but what I do not like is being left alone, oh, and I am not a big fan of car rides. Other than that foster mom says I am outstanding as I never bother anything in the house, I am potty trained and sleep in my cave bed at night. I love walks and exploring new territory, naps and snuggling on the couch. Also I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE food and treats! I weigh about 26 pounds and I am up to date on shots and am generally a healthy beagle boy. So if you would like a slightly more mature, affectionate and snuggly guy, I could be the one for you. Vito is also neutered, HW negative and micro chipped. Vito is fostered in Omaha, NE. His adoption fee is $225.00. show less

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Male Puppy Beagle

Do you ever wonder what a name means? My name is Zeke and it means, God strengthens. You would never believe how fitting that is to me... show more

Do you ever wonder what a name means? My name is Zeke and it means, God strengthens. You would never believe how fitting that is to me. I am an 8 month old Beagle who was rescued from a laboratory facility. After only being out a couple of days, I had some seizures and my foster family recently discovered that I may be deaf. Do NOT let any of that fool you! God has strengthened me and although I am on daily medication for my seizures, I am healthy as a horse and I love life! I love to run, hop, skip, jump, fly and play and then after a fun filled day, I love to snuggle in my foster moms arms. I am a lover of all things, big and small. I am extremely observant, so much so that at times it is hard to tell that I did not really hear you. I am very food motivated and my foster mom says I will be a quick learner for someone willing to spend a little extra time and possibly learn with me. I am all puppy and like any puppy a little patience is required. I am working on my potty training and figuring it out pretty quickly but I am not quite there, 100 percent. I can be pretty good in my kennel so long as I am in a dark place with no extra movement around. Since I am so observant, if I see movement I think you are coming to get me and I will cry if you do not come fast enough. Some people say that being deaf is a disability. I don not believe that at all, in fact, I believe it has made me stronger. Because I can not hear, I am not afraid of anything! Loud noises, vacuum cleaners, thunder, yelling and cheering for your favorite team, nothing riles me! What could be better than that! I am current on all of my vaccinations, neutered, microchipped and heartworm negative. I am currently being fostered in the Kansas City area and have an adoption fee of $300. If you are looking for someone to play with, learn with, snuggle with and love you unconditionally, I am your guy! I guarantee that you will never lack excitement or love when I am around! Zekes monthly medication costs around $30 a month. He has not had any seizures since starting the medication. All tests came back normal. show less