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Female Kitten Domestic Short Hair

Shadow (m) & Sunshine (f) are siblings born outdoors in early April and rescued when 4 to 5 weeks old. They have socialized well and tru... show more

Shadow (m) & Sunshine (f) are siblings born outdoors in early April and rescued when 4 to 5 weeks old. They have socialized well and truly are people cats. They adjust quickly to new persons and vie for their attention. They love being petted and to curl up with or on anyone available when they are not playing. They are both energetic and play hard. When they tire, they often curl up together for naps. They get along well with other cats - so well so that the older cats soon seek out quiet corners for some peace and quiet. They are curious about the dogs that they see at the adoption shows but otherwise we have no experience with their coexistence with dogs. They tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV and are age appropriately current with all vaccinations and veterinary care. They have been fixed and are micro-chipped. Shadow loves to talk and lets you know it. He also insists that he must be the center of attention. He will butt right in when he sees another cat getting attention. He loves chasing balls, bottle caps, and anything he can find around the floor. This chasing includes my older cats despite their lack of enthusiasm for his energy. He is very curious about everything and boldly goes about checking out everything new. The most common places to find him are perched on the top of the cat scratching/climbing toy, sitting in the bathtub or curled up in the bathroom sink. Sunshine loves all petting and especially tummy rubs. She is generally the first to greet you when you enter a room. She loves chasing toys and balls and, for her, a small ice cube from the freezer is a wonderful toy. She idolizes the older cats and is always 'kissing' them and following them around. She is energetic and has no fear of Shadow and will jump him in order to begin vigorous play. She also likes being in the bathtub and curling up in the bathroom sink. In addition, she likes to lick/drink the water remaining in the bathtub and sink. If you would like to meet Shadow or Sunshine, please contact Come and meet our PAW cats at one of our weekend adoption shows at local area pet stores. All the cats don't attend every adoption show so if you are interested in meeting a particular cat send in an email to make arrangements. PLEASE NOTE: We only adopt our animals to locations within one to two hours of the MD/DC/VA metropolitan area. show less