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Male Young Plott Hound Labrador Retriever (mixed)

Want to skip those puppy stages but still have a young dog, already housebroken, and one you can train yourself? Dumpling is the one!! D... show more

Want to skip those puppy stages but still have a young dog, already housebroken, and one you can train yourself? Dumpling is the one!! Dumpling is sweet, fun, funny, playful, curious, and so very handsome!!  His long-and-lean hound physique means you get a medium size dog that still seems on the smaller side. Dumpling is also the guy if you've been wanting to try agility training!! But also if you just want a fetch partner-----he LOVES to chase toys you throw for him (his returns are still a work in progress, but getting there.) Tho' sometimes shy at first, Dumpling loves meeting everyone, and is eager to learn the best manners for greetings. He is still learning about fast-moving things on wheels, things that make sudden noises, etc, so needs a bit of extra time and support as he continues to meet so many new people and things, after which he's fine with them. He just needs the exposure and reassurance when he suddenly shies at something, but he then loves to sniff and quietly observe everything on walks. This nice boy will be even more awesome with more positive experiences and especially once he has a routine. Fyi, he occasionally gets scared of a distant scent, a shadow, perhaps a sound inside a house people don't even notice, and will suddenly freeze in fear then want to head home, or at least away from the scary thing. N.B: until he gains more confidence and experiences, A NO-SLIP COLLAR is needed. (Also fyi, those times he wants to run home are usually managed by just going in a sideways direction----but without establishing the habit of getting to run home.) Dumpling has been excellent in his crate in his foster home. Well, not that he wants to be left behind----but with a stuffed Kong and a few treats, he goes in on his own and has been quiet and calm (sleeping, mostly) with not even any to-do when his person returns, just a nice greeting once the crate is opened! But, he is sure expressive other times! With training, a routine, redirection and especially tiring him out, this can be corrected, but his communication (aka barking) may not be ideal for shared-walls homes. It's so adorable tho', even if loud: after flinging a toy around he will then excitedly bark at it to get it to get up and play with him some more, ha ha! He also currently barks excitedly to express his desires, which are mostly 'Let's go out and play, NOW!', 'Hey, let's go for another walk!', or just to go out to lounge in the cool grass. He LOVES being outside, and also loves to see what's going on and passing by outside, so would love an active family and also to have a window seat or other way to see his world----but he also loves just curling up on the couch for long naps, interspersed with energetic playtime. Oh, and he loves to go for car rides! Quiet and still, just watching the scenery or flopping down to doze. He's very happy to sleep on the bed with you, but would be happy on any comfy bed, preferably near his people. He LOVES squeaky toys, toys you can/will throw for him, and tug-o-war/pull toys. His playfulness can be impish, like showing you he's got your shoe then taking off with it, the better to get you to come play with him, ha ha! (easily trades your shoe for another toy you offer, whew.) After all, he is still a puppy, just a fullgrown one! Dumpling has been great with all dog encounters, meetings and playdates during his foster, tho' he is often uncertain when he and another dog first approach each other (tail tucked, slinking body, submissive) But if given the extra few seconds to approach at his own pace, he's been perfect with all. And he loves epic chase&wrestle playdates!! Probably one-on-one with dogs he knows is best, given that he is just now gaining experience with this, and slow introductions and supervision is a must until you know he feels safe. (But ask to see pix from his playdates!!! So.Much.Fun!!!) He has shown some instinctive/reactive jealousy over 'his' belongings inside the house. To be honest, if another dog was aggressive or reactive, things could escalate. But he has been fine with other dogs in the same home if there is a clear leader, clear rules, and supervision until he/the dogs know the new routine and limits (e.g, I stand between the dogs when they are eating out of their separate bowls----no problem at all over food when I'm supervising----and if he acts like a 2 y.o. child who doesn't want to share toys (taking them away from the other dog) those toys/bones/'resources' are removed by me in a way that he clearly sees means he loses them if he doesn't play nicely. His first few days in a new home may be challenging in ways until he knows what is expected, what's okay, but he has become as close to a model canine citizen as an energetic still-puppy hound can be in his foster home-----and provides lots of laughs and entertainment and lots of kisses and snuggles, too! show less