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Save Our Herders Outreach Inc

, VA, 23112

Shelter Description

Save Our Herders Outreach (SOHO) is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to herding breeds and herding mixed dogs in need. We concentrate our rescue efforts in Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia and parts of Tennessee. Most of our volunteers and fosters live in those states and share their homes with their own Border collies, Australian Shepherds, Australian Cattle Dogs, Working Kelpies, Corgis and/or Shetland Sheepdogs.

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Border Collie

If you have ever wanted a living, breathing border collie that is a-OK being practically plastered to you as you go about your daily lif... show more

If you have ever wanted a living, breathing border collie that is a-OK being practically plastered to you as you go about your daily life, who loves to play with anything and everything, and who has a personality to match his handsome good looks, you're in luck - we found Buddy for you! Buddy is a six year old male border collie who weighs about 55 pounds, and is a big guy with a big personality. He was originally turned into a shelter in West Virginia for herding children - so we know this guy has some herding instinct, like a typical border collie. He was such a staff favorite that they reached out to us to help him get out of the shelter because he really hated it, and indeed, he still doesn't like being crated much - he'd much rather follow you around or chill in the house - but his sweet and soft personality has won him quite the fan club, both human and canine alike. Buddy is the very definition of a Very Good Boy. He loves to play with anything and everything, but squeaker toys are his favorite. In fact, the clever boy uses his elite soccer skills to tell you that he's hungry - he'll flip and play with his food dish all over the kitchen (complete with big, longing looks at you) until you put some food in it! He loves balls, though he does need the tougher balls like Kong as opposed to tennis balls. Want a friend to play fetch with in the yard? Buddy's your guy - he LOVES to chase. Getting the ball away from him is kind of a task, but we are sure that he could master this pretty quickly with some basic training. Buddy is up to date on vaccinations and neutered, and he is heartworm negative. He is a bit choosy when it comes to his canine companions that he will play with, and prefers playful females, but has gotten along just fine with males too. He is excellent with cats and likes to give them a quick sniff before passing by. Because of his past of herding kids, he will only be placed in a home with children over age 12. He is housetrained and crate-trained (though he's not a big fan of the crate!) and likes to be brushed and handled. We would recommend a basic obedience class to help you bond with Buddy as he is VERY food motivated! Buddy sleeps in the bedroom with other dogs and prefers to be under a chair or a desk when sleeping. We think maybe he was an outside dog at least part of the time, but now that he's learned where the sofa is, he LOVES to be inside! He walks well on a leash once you remind him that pulling is not polite. Buddy loves to smile and snuggle with people, and will gently remind you that he's waiting to be petted by nudging your arm or hand. He is extremely trainable, like all border collies, and enjoys being with his people most of all. If you're looking for your own Very Good Boy, please submit an application for Buddy! SOHO is a 501c3 registered non-profit. We do require that your own animals are up to date on vaccines and heartworm preventative, and titering records are acceptable in lieu of vaccination. To submit an application for Buddy, please go to saveourherdersoutreach dot org, and click on "Adoptable Dogs" or "Apply to Adopt"! show less

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Border Collie

Her name is Lola. She is a cute girl. She has white feathers in her tail! She will sometimes dance to Copacobana! Lola came from a small... show more

Her name is Lola. She is a cute girl. She has white feathers in her tail! She will sometimes dance to Copacobana! Lola came from a small rural shelter, where Animal Control picked her up one too many times. She is resourceful, and an adolescent so when she got bored at home,she would escape. She is very curious about sights, smells, motion but has not tried to escape the fenced yard. But she will need a safe place to run and sniff. This beautiful, affectionate little girl wants nothing more than to be near her human(s) and dog friend(s), to have fun exploring and running and learning new tricks. Tricks equal treats!! And its so much fun to learn! Lola is quickly settling in to her foster home. She is house trained(crazy huh?) and crate trained. She walks well on a leash, loves to explore. She tolerated a bath the day she was pulled from the shelter. Chalk that up to her loving to be touched and petted.We are working on basic manners, 4 paws on the floor, sit, down, hand touches. The find it game is a favorite. Lola has figured out “toys’’. She likes to bounce her Kong and chew on her Nylabone. When she first arrived she had little interest in food but she is now all paws in on positive reinforcement games and cues! Lola would do well in a home with another dog as long as the dog loves to run and jump and play games.An older confident dog that understands the herding game would be ideal.Her best fit would be an active home where her energy would be understood as part young dog and part herder. When we’re spending me time together, she is a velcro dog, follows me around, happy to help with the chores. Did I say she’s curious? Resilient? So happy to see people and other dogs? And adorable. Funny. Gives the best kisses. Want the best dog? Apply here! Lola is located in Greensboro, NC. If you would like to submit an adoption application, please go to our website and click on Lola's photo. An adoption application MUST be submitted to be considered for adoption, without exception. Your pets must be up to date on heartworm prevention and vaccinations in order to be considered for adoption; titering is accepted in lieu of vaccine records. Please e-mail us at saveourherdersoutreach at gmail dot com if you have additional questions. show less

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Border Collie

This beautiful, short haired Border collie is Peyton. Peyton is calm, and cool eight years old. The best part of an older dog? NO house... show more

This beautiful, short haired Border collie is Peyton. Peyton is calm, and cool eight years old. The best part of an older dog? NO house breaking! You won’t need to do any of that puppy stuff with her. Peyton has a beautiful black and white coat of fur. She is fixed. And enjoys food……. All food so she gets a limited diet to help her maintain her girlish figure. Once she gets to know you, she enjoys long cuddles and naps on the sofa with you. While she is currently living with two dogs and a cat-our animals understand her limits of personal space. We also monitor them all very closely. She would be best in a home with no other dogs. Peyton is wonderful with all people and children. Due to her age she is going to need the ability to rest, so a home with older children is recommended. We also recommend a fenced in yard as she enjoys exploring the neighborhood-if you leave the front door open too long. She is extremely intelligent-so play time is a must for her. She enjoys catch, tug of war and learning new tricks. She understands basic commands like sit, laydown and shake. While she can play with other dogs she is a bit stuck in her ways and prefers to play with her people over her foster companions. At the moment, we are trying to teach her to roll over and stay for extended period of time. Peyton loves to go on long walks. She is the perfect shopping companion, who will lay down while you look at products, no rush or pulling-just patient waiting. While she is crate trained, she has no need to stay in a crate while you are away from home. If you are looking for a companion who will lay on the beach with you these warm summer day them this is your girl! If you would like to submit an application for Peyton, please visit our website at www.saveourherdersoutreach dot org and click on "Adoptable Dogs". SOHO is a 501c3 registered non-profit and we do require that your own pets are up to date on shots and heartworm preventative. Titering records are accepted in lieu of vaccination. show less