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Save Our Herders Outreach Inc

, VA, 23112

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Save Our Herders Outreach (SOHO) is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to herding breeds and herding mixed dogs in need. We concentrate our rescue efforts in Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia and parts of Tennessee. Most of our volunteers and fosters live in those states and share their homes with their own Border collies, Australian Shepherds, Australian Cattle Dogs, Working Kelpies, Corgis and/or Shetland Sheepdogs.

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Liutenant Dan

Australian Cattle Dog

Hey everyone! My name is Lt. Dan and I am a year old mixed breed dog. We think I might be an Australian Cattle Dog mix or something, but... show more

Hey everyone! My name is Lt. Dan and I am a year old mixed breed dog. We think I might be an Australian Cattle Dog mix or something, but one thing is for sure: I'm 100% handsome! I'm even more handsome with three legs! Your eyes do not deceive you: I am tripawed and a lucky boy. I am awesome with other dogs but my foster mom says I'm not that great with cats because oh boy do I like to chase them. I'm pretty food motivated and will take all of the snacks you'll give me... but I need a new family to help me watch my figure because of my disability. Truth be told, I did not have the best start in life. I was dumped on the side of a road where I searched for my family and had to fend for myself. While looking for my family I was hit by a car. I was scared and lonely and was hurt really bad. I was so scared of people and it took three big scary men to catch me. They brought me to a hospital where I met my foster mom. She gave me pain medication and advocated for me. This is where the amazing Mel said foster mom could bring me into the rescue and make me better.  They amputated my leg and my foster mom slowly gained my trust as I healed. As you can imagine I am still very scared around new people and strangers. I need my new family to come meet me a few times before I can go home with them. It would also be great if my new family has worked with a fearful dog before. I am getting better with trusting my foster mom about strangers and ignoring them. I love playing with my foster brothers and sisters and can play all day. I have foster kitties in the house that I will chase if they run. I am going to go play with my foster siblings now and my foster mom will tell you more.  Lt. Dan is up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, and on flea, tick and heartworm prevention monthly. He LOVES playing with other dogs and gets along with dogs of all sizes. He can live with dog savvy cats. Lt. Dan is fearful of new people and his adopter with be required to come to New Jersey a few times to meet him and spend some time with him before he can go to his new home. His adopters will also need to have experience with fearful dogs and will need to work with a positive reinforcement trainer. Once he learns to trust you, Lt. Dan will cuddle with you all day if you let him. He is a medium energy dog who just wants to be with his person. He will gladly occupy you on a long walk or cuddle on the couch all day with you. Because he had his leg amputated his adopters will need to be vigilant about his diet, weight and keep him exercised. Lt. Dan has had a rough beginning but with love and dedication he can overcome his past and be a loving member of a family. Could that be you?  SOHO is a 501c3 public charity focusing on rescuing herding dogs in crisis on the East Coast. Your pets will need to be up to date on vaccinations and heartworm preventative in order to be considered for adoption. Lt. Dan does have some additional adoption requirements: his foster mom would like a potential adopter to come and visit Lt. Dan a few times before taking him home in order to help him bond to his new family. Please note that Lt. Dan is located in HIGHLAND LAKES, NEW JERSEY. show less

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Labrador Retriever

Don't let this regal creature fool you - this puppy is full of silliness, sneakiness, and love! Meet Watson. Truth, we weren't supposed... show more

Don't let this regal creature fool you - this puppy is full of silliness, sneakiness, and love! Meet Watson. Truth, we weren't supposed to pull two puppies from the shelter, but Watson was so shut-down and scared that we couldn't resist. Little did we know we were getting a combo couch shark, cuddle bug, and clown. Watson is one of those puppies that has a sense of humor and absolutely loves to sneak up behind you and "boop" you with his nose when you're least expecting it. He will also hide under the couch or around the corner when he's feeling mischevious and shoot out, nip at your feet, and then hide again with a loud bark.  Watson is going to need a friendly dog in his home to pal around with - he loves to play and would loooooove to have a friend. He will also need a home with adults ready to give him the training he needs. Any prospective adopter will also need a fenced yard with a sturdy fence. Don't let this scare you though - he bonds very strongly with his people and would love nothing more than to sleep in your bed at your feet every night. He comes to a whistle and loves to run inside after a good play session in the yard. For all of this, you get a dog that is going to be a big boy but that is absolutely the sweetest snuggle bug you've ever met. Want a dog will play play play and then snuggle while you're watching Game of Thrones? Meet Watson! Want a dog that will greet you with a big, enthusiastic "WOO WOO!!" and full-body wiggles? Watson's your guy. And guess what!? He's mostly housetrained and prefers to chew on his toys, not your furniture, though he will steal your shoes and stash them under the couch (check there first if you're missing the left shoe). He has absolutely no regard for your personal space and loves to be all up in your business once you've won his trust. Watson is going to be medium sized guy as he's about 50 pounds at 7 months old. He does need to build on his basic obedience but fortunately is very treat motivated! He also loves belly rubs and being held (we know... not a sustainable practice!) and his favorite treat is dried fish skins. He loves to play with squeaky toys and balls and most of all, other dogs. If you are interested in bringing this shy guy into your life, please submit an application at sohodogrescue dot com. An application is required to be submitted to be considered for adoption. Watson is up to date on shots and heartworm preventative, neutered, and SOHO is a 501(c)3 dog rescue operating in Virginia. Any questions about Watson can be sent to saveourherdersoutreach at gmail dot com. Your personal pets will be required to be up to date on vaccinations and heartworm preventative in order to qualify for adoption. show less