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Ruby aka Jemma

Female Young Domestic Short Hair

Mama Ruby is an extra special kitty who has been through a lot and is deserving of extra care and patience. Mama Ruby was clearly someon... show more

Mama Ruby is an extra special kitty who has been through a lot and is deserving of extra care and patience. Mama Ruby was clearly someone’s indoor pet, perhaps just bonded to a single person. It seems her capture and shelter stay was quite traumatic for her, as she is very timid and scared right now. She is also in 'mommy mode' so protecting her babies may be a factor in her behavior.  Sweet talk and slow easy introductions are necessary. She seems to be more receptive to me when I am wearing my glasses as opposed to without, maybe her 1st person wore eye glasses and that is a familiar image to her?  Slow easy approaches, sweet talk, and canned food are good ways to gain her trust if you take your time. She still greets me every time with a hiss and I have to remind her she knows me and is safe. It is possible that natural “protect my babies” instinct is contributing to this behavior and she will be able to relax more and show us who she really is after her parental duties are over. She is a really great mom and keeps those babes plump, clean, fluffy and warm. She has no problem with me handling her kittens and she has never swatted at me or tried to bite. I have been able to hold her on my lap, brush and pet her, trim her nails and hand feed her treats all without much resistance at all. I can tell she would rather get down and run off but also that she longs for the petting and affection. Please give her lots of time, patience, love & chin scratches as she adjusts to the many big life changes  She's already come leaps and bounds and just needs a special someone to show her permanence, love, and patience to let her open up on her own time. <3  Also, orange female cats are super rare! And orange cats are known to be very social and friendly. We know she has it in her, she just needs to feel safe permanance first :)   extra info: She has shown no aggression or problems with other cats. She shared the big room with 2 rambunctious 5 month old kittens and visits from my friendly adult male walking around her pen (when she was confined within) along with her babies. She had no complaints with their presence nor when my personal cats come visit at the door. She is especially fond of the seafood flavors, salmon, shrimp, crab, etc. I have a Feliway diffuser running in the room and that has helped her relax. She will move her babies if she does not like the bed space. She likes a small box with a plushy cushion, and not near her litterbox. Currently she is in a playpen pushed partially under a table to create a safe den feel, top is open with a small tree inside and a chair on the outside to allow her easy in and out while the babies stay safely contained.  Little girl Jade seems to be her favorite as she spends more time grooming and actively snuggling her than she does the boys. show less