1 years
DOB: 01/15/2016
Pointer, ,

This pet is currently being listed by Goshen Humane Society, Inc. ---- Get to know Star ---- Status: Adopted

If you have any questions about fostering or adopting Star please contact Goshen Humane Society, Inc. directly at 845-294-3984 and

Star came to us 2/22/2017.  Her owner had actually threaten to shoot her and a friend took her in, but was not able to care for her.  We then too her in.  She is only about 13 months old.  Star is a great dog and we believe is a Pointer mix.  She LOVES the outdoors and during the recent Northeaster we recently had, if given the choice she would not have come in.  We believe she was probably kept in a crate and not socialized much at all in her previous home. We really want Star to get a home asap.  She is an incredible dog, but she needs exercise often.  She loves walks, loves to run and loves the outdoors.  She needs someone who will give her the space she needs, room to run and not stick her in a crate.  She loves all people, but if left with small children would most likely knock them over.  She gets so excited that she is constantly wagging her tail and opening it up so we are constantly padding her dog run and coming up with ideas so she doesn't hurt herself.  The Vet has said she may need it amputated.  This is one of the reasons I want the purfect home for her NOW - she is great and I really don't want to do that.  Star needs a single person or a family that is truly invested in her.  She needs someone that care about her needs.  

Pet Attributes
Name Star Housetrained YES
Age Young Hypoallergenic NO
Gender Female Spayed/Neutered YES
Size Large Ok with dogs YES
Shots up to date YES Ok with cats N/A
Ok with kids YES

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