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Male Senior Golden Retriever

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About Pappi

Ok, first things first, we might as well talk about the elephant in the room, (no pun intended) I am a little overweight but other than that, Doc says I’m pretty healthy based on all the poking and prodding he did and my bloodwork. I do have a bit of a limp from an old knee injury but doc says getting some of that weight off will really help that.

I do also want to waddle after the kitty when she shows up and my foster parents are kinda surprised at my ability to turbo waddle when I want something, but they don’t think I mean any harm, but the kitty isn’t too sure about that.

My previous owner was disabled and left me unexpectedly. Because he couldn’t get around too good, I didn’t get a lot of exercise. I spent most of my time just chillin with him and keeping him company, you know the Golden bonding thing. So now I’m just happiest just being around my people.  I’m really good with my foster brothers and sisters. I don’t play a lot but I’ve learned when they head towards the kitchen it’s a good time to join in on the activity.

They got me on some pills for my leg and I think I’ve lost a little bit of weight as I am starting to get around much better and feeling more like joining in on things. Everybody says I’m a really good boy, well except maybe the cat creature, and I don’t need much but I do have a lot to give.

If you have an approved application on file, contact Marcie so you get a chance to be overwhelmed with my golden-ness.

Adoption Fee: $200



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GRRACE Golden Retriever Rescue

PO Box 513 Plainfield IN 46168

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Golden Retriever

Hello GRRACE friends! Let me introduce you to Chef, as in “YES! CHEF!” Chef came to GRRACE through a shelter where his owner... show more

Hello GRRACE friends! Let me introduce you to Chef, as in “YES! CHEF!” Chef came to GRRACE through a shelter where his owner surrendered him. This sweet sugar faced guy is between 6 & 8 yrs old (closer to 6 per the vet) Don’t let the sugar face fool you! This guy has spunk and energy! Chef weighs in at 58 lbs, so on the smaller size for a male golden. He looks lean, but the vet thinks he is about the right weight. And what a Love! Chef will sit with you on the couch, sleep with you in bed, and ask you to play ball all day long. He is a complete velcro dog! He will go in a crate when you leave but his face will break you heart! He also does have some neat tricks! Chef can “Speak!” and he likes to “talk.” He can also “Shake” sometimes. Chef will need some training to walk on a leash, but as he is so eager to please, it shouldn't take long to get into the swing of things. He loves “treats” and knows that word well! His mostest favoritest thing, though, is Tennis Balls! Be prepared to spend time with him throwing the ball. We have found that it's better to have two or three handy. He LOVES his Tennis Balls. We haven’t seen that noise, fireworks, or sudden sounds bothers him. He enjoys being outside, laying in the shade, chewing on a ball as long as you are outside and he can see you. Chef was recently neutered and got the "all clear" to look for his forever home. If you have an approved application on file and are interested in a great boy, please email Marcie. Chef is being fostered in Kokomo, IN PLEASE NOTE: Emails to the foster contact listed above will only be answered if you have an APPROVED application on file with GRRACE. Requests for information from non-approved applicants will not be answered. If you'd like to adopt from GRRACE in the future, we encourage you to submit an Application as the approval process can take 1-3 weeks. You can find our application and adoption guidelines at this link or by clicking "ADOPT" below. Please only fill out ONE application. show less