4 years
DOB: 08/01/2013
American Staffordshire Terrier, ,

This pet is currently being listed by Goshen Humane Society, Inc. ---- Get to know HOLLY ---- Status: Available

If you have any questions about fostering or adopting HOLLY please contact Goshen Humane Society, Inc. directly at 845-294-3984 and goshenhumanesociety@gmail.com.

Hollys story is special.  The OC Sheriff was acting on open warrants on her owners.  On the 4th try of trying to arrest her owners one of the Sheriffs Deputies noticed a dog kept in the back corner of the yard......Holly.  Emaciated, wet and cold, she called it in they called our Goshen DCO and asked for help.  Our DCO wasn't sure what she was like so brought some food and treats....she was gentle and accepting and ready to accept help.  She jumped in the truck and came to the shelter and it was love at first site for everyone, including Holly.  We named her Holly as it was Christmas time.  Holly was emaciated, and her nails were growing straight up in the air, and she had a collar on with spikes that weighed a couple pounds!  She had open sores/wounds and we got her into the Vet first thing.  She was half what she needed to weigh - what was amazing was that she didn't have a mean bone in her body.  The neighbors said she'd been used as a fighting dog and was also used as a breeder...which was very evident.  We were also told that other dogs on the property may have been buried on the property.  Holly needs an experienced, loving, caring and committed owner.  Holly can be in the ONLY dog in the home.  Even though she has NEVER shown any aggression, we recommend no small children or animals.  She is a protector.  She loves walks, swimming, but not a great passenger in the car, so would need to be crated or restrained.  Holly has a huge heart of gold, but needs the right environment and commitment.  We LOVE her at the shelter and have spent a lot of time caring for her and letting her know she matters......

Adoption Fee: $200.00

Pet Attributes
Name HOLLY Housetrained N/A
Age Adult Hypoallergenic NO
Gender Female Spayed/Neutered YES
Size Large Ok with dogs NO
Shots up to date YES Ok with cats N/A
Ok with kids YES

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