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Male Puppy Other Terriers (Medium) (mixed)

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Giant Hearts Giant Dog Rescue, Inc

About Blue

Meet Blue. Blue is an 8 month old American bulldog mix. If you are an active family looking for a dog that you can take everywhere, Blue is your boy!
Blue has not meet a stranger, everyone is his friend. He loves to play, run, and is highly treat motivated. He would be a great running partner. He does great with other dogs and reads them well. We believe he wouldn't be great with cats initially but could learn. He is just all puppy and tries to play with everyone. He would likely scare the cats by being overbearing.

Blue is deaf and does not know hand signals. He is also lacking some manners (mouthy, jumps up). However, Blue is still a puppy. He wants to learn. He wants to please but really needs someone that will give him an outlet for his energy. Once he calms down he loves snuggles and affection he just tends to get over excited and licks and nibbles for attention.

He is fully vetted and neutered. All he needs is the perfect loving home to teach this boy the good life.

Adoption Fee: $250



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Giant Hearts Giant Dog Rescue, Inc

4500 Miles Ave Suffolk VA 23435

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Gracie Mae

Terriers (Medium)

Meet Gorgeous Gracie Mae! She is a 2 year old terrier mix. We do not know what she is mixed with but it sure is beautiful! Gracie came i... show more

Meet Gorgeous Gracie Mae! She is a 2 year old terrier mix. We do not know what she is mixed with but it sure is beautiful! Gracie came into rescue with her puppies and all of her puppies have found forever homes. But, poor Gorgeous Gracie is still looking for hers. She LOVES to snuggle and get affection. While she is amazing with kids, she also gets super protective of them. So, we think she would be best without young kids. Gracie needs a family that will be consistent and have clear boundaries. She is a great girl but boundaries teach her to wait and watch her people instead of guessing what she should do next. She is good with other dogs but can be reactive when first meeting. As soon as you correct her, she responds well. She does have interest in smaller animals, so another dog her size or bigger suits her better. Gracie loves to snuggle her foster brother and play with him. Gracie is also good off leash when taught her space boundaries. Gracie Mae just thrives with a calm family. She doesn't like to be forced to give attention (trust issues) but when she does trust you and love you, you cannot give her enough love. She just needs someone who can take a little time with her, show her she is safe, and teach her how to be confident. She responds so well with a calm assertive personality (meaning someone who is firm but calm and has patience). Most trainers have zero issues with her because they just have the prescense that Gracie appreciates. Give her a chance, you won't regret it. show less