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Female Young Boxer

If you have any questions about Paisley, please contact Cowtown Boxer Rescue at

Cowtown Boxer Rescue

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About Paisley

Name: Paisley, but I'm so pretty and sweet that you may just call me Sugar Mama

Age: 1.5 years (estimated)

Likes: Affection, playing with my Boxer brothers, playing with my ropes, and playing fetch

What I'm looking for: I was found on the streets in Ft. Stockton after my first family dumped me, so I want a family who will love me forever. I love being in your lap or laying next to you, so I hope you have lots of comfy places for us to cuddle. I love going in the car and taking walks, so I'm ready for any adventure you'll take me on. And, since I get along well with other dogs of all sizes, you can even bring me into a home where I'll get to have siblings.

More about me: I'm a little bit nervous to tell you, but I'm deaf. I hope that doesn't change your mind about how great of a fit I can be in your family. My foster dad says that I'm everything that someone would want in Boxer. Did you know that deaf dogs aren't fazed by sounds that other dogs may be afraid of? We are also highly trainable because we pay close attention to the people we bond with. You'll just need to learn some hand signals so we can communicate. Word on the street is that deaf dogs can actually be easier to train than hearing dogs. I hope this has made you more comfortable with what some people may consider a disability. I promise that my sweetness and gentle nature will the first thing you think about when you meet me!



Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
Not Sure
Dog friends; Kid friendly; Very energetic
Loves her humans
Gives kisses

Cowtown Boxer Rescue

Fort Worth TX 76112

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#TheBrutusDiaries 1/8/2020 Dear Diary, I am BRUTUS!!! I am so happy to be out of that scary shelter! Everyone tells me how beautiful I a... show more

#TheBrutusDiaries 1/8/2020 Dear Diary, I am BRUTUS!!! I am so happy to be out of that scary shelter! Everyone tells me how beautiful I am. I enjoy playing with toys and hanging out with my foster family. I enjoy crusing around in a Jeep. These seem to be new experiences but they are so much fun. I'm told that I'm learning manners including walking on a leash and going potty. I don't mind the crate at all. I mean, when your foster family is a great as mind then the world is pretty awesome. I'm can't pretend that I don't love all the attention i get everywhere I go. I take a lot of pride in my soft, shiny sealed coat. No one can resist me and I'll soak up as much snuggles as I can get! I am 2 years old and I'm also settled in and ready to be adopted. Love, Brutus ~ 01/12/2020 Dear Diary, What an beautiful way to start off this New Year! I was just rescued by the most amazing foster family. I have been having more fun than I ever dreamed possible. There are so many toys here to play with, plenty of food, and a comfy bed that I get to call my own. These aren’t really the types of things a dog gets to experience when they find themselves at the shelter after navigating the outdoor world alone. You can imagine how excited I was to cruise to this place on my very first ride in a Jeep!!! I know not all pups are so lucky to land in a rescue like I did. I’ve heard some stories over the course of the adventures that led me here. I’m feeling pretty lucky to be one of nine Boxers that found a foster home in the last week at Cowtown Boxer Rescue. So as much as I love it here I really really want to find my forever family so I can make room for another Boxer to be saved! Every dog should get to experience this life.  I have been working hard and excelling learning manners, walking on my leash, and giving cues to go out to potty. I’m even crate trained. Toys are the most awesome things ever and I LOVE to play with all of them! I have really been enjoying all of the compliments on how beautiful and soft my coat is. It’s so shiny and apparently not many Boxers have “sealed” coat like mine.  I hope you’ll take a minute to check me out if you think a fun loving, insanely adorable, little snuggle bug is a good fit for you. I can’t wait to meet you! Love, Brutus ~ show less

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Hey Ya'll! I don't know where to start, but let me just start by say "thank you"....I am beautiful! I get told that all the time! It's p... show more

Hey Ya'll! I don't know where to start, but let me just start by say "thank you"....I am beautiful! I get told that all the time! It's probably my cute petite figure, or my pretty ice blue eyes. But ok...let me tell you about me. I am a sweet, loving, feisty 10 month old boxer girl. You should know that I am hearing impaired...but that doesn't stop me from acting like your typical little boxer girl! If you want to talk to me...just sign...I know sit, come, stay and more! I am just as smart (well, probably smarter) than any other boxer and I can learn just as easily.  I LOVE to play outside. My foster Mom goes crazy because I love to roll around in the dirt with my pine cone...what...its fun. Which means I get lots of baths and I'm a good girl in the bath. I even like getting my teeth cleaned most of the time. I love a snuggle with my foster Mom, and I love to play with my foster brother and sisters. Even though I love my foster family, I know there is a perfect family for me out there. I need to be the Queen of the castle and that means I am the only dog and I get all the attention...a family that doesn't see me being hearing impaired as a disability, but will help me learn more signs and flourish! If you think you are the that adopt button now! In the sure to keep updated by following my diary @ #thefionadiaries! show less

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Hello World I am Lucas!! I have a story to tell you. I'm actually from California...yup...a beach bum from the West Coast! A bo... show more

Hello World I am Lucas!! I have a story to tell you. I'm actually from California...yup...a beach bum from the West Coast! A boxer rescue brought me all the way to TX and even found me a home. Or so we thought. Sadly, I ended up back in a shelter in TX, and a complete mess. I had lumps, bumps and scrapes all over. Thankfully, Cowtown Boxer Rescue took me and, and even though it's been a long haul since's been awesome! First, I have the BEST EVER foster family, they decided to foster me even though I had some issues. See, first...I'm deaf. But that's ok, it's not that diffcult. They'll even tell you how quickly I learned to potty outside and even learned some commands that they give me their hands! IT's awesome. I've had some lumps and bumps removed as well and they found out I'm heartworm positive. Because of the lumps/bumps I'm on slow kill treatment, but I'm getting treatment and I am available for adoption! We'll just need to make sure you follow all my instructions for heartworm treatment very's just one pill a month! Living in TX has also been tough on my skin. I have allergies, so I break out a lot. Sometimes it's worse than others, but I take medicine to help with that too. So yeah, sounds like a lot, doesn't it. I know it's going to take a special person to adopt me. And I want a special person to adopt me, so we'll both be happy.  Because guess fosters will tell you how AWESOME I AM! I'm a good boy, I love to snuggle with my foster dad. He's my snuggle buddy. They will tell you I am a sweet boy just looking to hang out and share love and affection. I also love to go on car rides...especially when you let the top down and I can feel the wind through my...err..fur! :) I think the I'm worth it. I know I worth the special attention I'm going to need. I hope you think so get your application in so we can meet up and get to know one another! I hope to meet you soon! show less