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Male Adult American Pit Bull Terrier Vizsla (mixed)

If you have any questions about Fontaine, please contact The Furry Farm Rescue at

The Furry Farm Rescue

About Fontaine

Adoption Fee: $175

6yr Neutered Male Pit/Vizsla Mix

UTD Vaccinations, including Rabies and Bordetella

I prefer dogs my size, but no cats or small animals please

Respectful older children ok

Hi everyone! My name is Fontaine. My family got tired of taking care of me and were on the way to have me euthanized when a kind woman brought me to a safe place. I stayed there for a while until one of the farm hands here found me. I’m so happy they did, since I know my new family will find me now, and I will have a place to call home and somebody to play tug with me. I have been a farm dog for a while and would love a family of my own.

Being a solid sized boy in the prime of my life, my biggest dream is to find someone who wants to take me with them as they adventure and see the sites.  We could hike up the mountain, or go to the lake, I don't really care, let's just live life to the fullest.  My foster family has spent time training with me, so I got those basic obedience commands down, and certainly am respectful of rules and only go potty outside.  I'm pretty keen on the belly rubs too!  If you have another doggo my size, I'm down with sharing. Just no cats or other small animals, please.  I'm not going to lie, they drive me crazy and are just not meant to be in my inner circle.

The farm hands want only the best for me, so with the help a very generous benefactor I attended a full 6 week board and train with Method K9. The best part is, once I get adopted, we get to continue with training brush-ups for life for free!





6 years, 9 months
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats

The Furry Farm Rescue

PO Box 394 Rathdrum ID 83858

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American Pit Bull Terrier

5yr 55# Spayed Female Pitty mix Current Rabies, DAPPV, Bordetella and microchip Moo does her best with balanced dogs, and placing her in... show more

5yr 55# Spayed Female Pitty mix Current Rabies, DAPPV, Bordetella and microchip Moo does her best with balanced dogs, and placing her in a home with other dogs will be assessed individually instead of going with the blanket no dogs.  Cats and other small critters are a solid nope, though. Adoption Fee :$175   Moo Moo was scheduled to come to FFR in October 2019, but a medical rescue placed her on hold for one month. It’s not that month, but the 23 months before it - that breaks our hearts. Moo was brought into our local dog boarding kennels back in November of 2017. Her family came forward one time, 3 months later, to pay her boarding past due fees, but then was never heard from again. Moo has been living in a kennel run for 2 years.  Normally we don’t tell you much about their story or past, because of two reasons: A – It won’t change anything for that dog now B – It promotes hate.  People get angry. While we understand their emotion, we strive to embrace #bekind to animals and our fellow humans. So, the reason why we disclose her past, which is not a brutal story of torture – but a case of abandonment – is so you get inside her head and identify with her and accept her beauty and her quirks that come from years isolated.  This dog deserves a second chance. Moo loves people - she does fabulous with men and women alike.  In fact, she would do great with kids, if they are ready to be bowling pins, because her energy is 110mph, and she loves everyone.  If you have kids over 8, we feel confident Moo and them will be best buds. While here at the farm we have been focusing on Moo’s health and Moo’s mind.  She has the typical pitty allergies that are improving as we control her diet, environment, and eliminate the common culprits.  Blood tests do show that she’s healthy otherwise.   We are also addressing her mind, by creating a home environment that is structured, nurturing, and fair.  As we take applications to adopt Moo, our team is committed to her success and will be working with you and her after the adoption to ensure she is happy in a forever home.  She is house broke, has good manners, is eager to learn, and is the best cuddler on the planet.  She loves car rides and hiking up the hill side. In fact, she can help pull you to the top. If you are Moo’s second chance, the first step is to complete the adoption application right here:     Here is a little look inside our process, so you know what to expect: ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ When you see an animal you would like to find out more about and meet, please go fill out our adoption application to start the process. Our adoptions are not first come first served, but a match of the needs of the animal with the best potential adopter.  You can expect to hear from us within 1 week after submitting your application. With review of your application, we check references and speak to your veterinarian. During that process we will also schedule a time for you to come meet and get to know your new furry friend. If you have other animals, we will want to do some intros at that time. We then ask you to take a few days to think about it and let us know. Next, we come to your house and do a last meet and greet before finalizing the adoption. All adopters sign a contract with the Furry Farm Rescue.  All of our adoptions come with a 2 week trial period. This allows you and your new furry friend some time to bond and decide if this is a forever family.  show less

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Princess Bride Male Puppy

Chow Chow

Greetings Farm Family!  Our herd came through the barn doors not too long ago. The Furry Farm was asked to step in and help a pregnant m... show more

Greetings Farm Family!  Our herd came through the barn doors not too long ago. The Furry Farm was asked to step in and help a pregnant mamma, her brother, her lover and her 9 puppies (yup that's us!).  We were in a pretty bad situation living on the streets, but got our future really turned around fast, all because a really nice lady reached out to the Furry Farm. There are 5 girls, and us 4 boys, all living the life with Buttercup, our mom at our foster mom's house.  The Farm hands have named us all after The Princess Bride, because our story is about overcoming adversity and peril. Have you seen the Mutt in Black, Uncle Westley?  Or Miracle Max?  Mamma Buttercup has been amazing with us all, but we know she will be ready to see us find true loves of our own very soon.  Mamma Buttercup is a chow mix of some kind, and weighs about 55 lbs.  The farm hands say she will likely trim down slightly after we are all adopted.  We will likely be larger dogs when we are all grown up since all the males of our tribe are on the adult large side.  Just so you know, the Farm hands are trying out something new.  They want to make sure that we all find our perfect home (and of course True Love).  What that means: if you are interested in applying for one of us, please fill out an application and specify whether you would prefer a boy or girl puppy.  The Farm Hands will then do their extraordinary magic of processing though applications.    Please plan on giving the farm hands some time, and you will either hear from us by phone or email on the next steps.  That all said, we heard that the Count is perusing those applications to make sure we get the best homes possible.   We come with 2 rounds min of DAPPV, De-worming, spay/neuter, and our microchip.  We are fluff mutts, and clean slates.  FFR Puppy adoption fee is $275  The farm hands will not respond to phone/petfinder/email inquiries, just applications.  They are so busy, that having any other process would be inconceivable! Our applications take about 10 minutes to complete, but do give us some insight into your needs and desires.  If you are reading this post, then we are still accepting applications.  Direct link: show less

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Pit Bull Terrier

Theo Neutered Male Pit Mix, Est Birth: 11/4/18 UTD Vaccinations including Rabies, DAPPV, and Bordetella, Microchipped, and Dewormed Good... show more

Theo Neutered Male Pit Mix, Est Birth: 11/4/18 UTD Vaccinations including Rabies, DAPPV, and Bordetella, Microchipped, and Dewormed Good with Kids, Dogs his size. No small dogs/cats please. Adoption Fee $200 Sometimes bad things happen to good dogs.  That should be our motto, my brothers and I.  You see, we were the Chipmunk litter, named after those famous guys who sing the Christmas carols? There were 4 of us, plucked from a horrible situation by a wonderful lady who wanted to give us a chance.  We were really hungry and filthy when we came in to The Furry Farm Rescue, but they got us healthy real quick, and we settled in to our foster homes like champs.  It’s a year later now, and I’m not that adorable puppy anymore.  My brothers have all found these amazing homes, but I’m still here.  My name is Theo, and this is my new story:   What can I tell you about me? Foster mom says I am a stunning boy with intense, beautiful hazel eyes that are like nothing you have ever seen.  When I look up at her she swoons, I mean really mom? I’m just a dog, geeze!  I love my toys, especially chew toys like Kong’s and antlers.  I love to play fetch, and I LOVE the car!! Road trips are a favorite of mine.  I’m working on my manners, and can walk ok on a leash, but would benefit from a basic obedience class.  I seem to do ok with most dogs, but I’m a pushy player and sometimes that can be a little more than some dogs can handle.  I love to curl up on the couch and watch TV.  You heard me, I watch the TV.  I get very excited when I see animals on there.  I run behind the TV sometimes to try to find them.  This really makes mom crack up.  Her favorite part about me though is my capacity to snuggle.  Yeah sure, I like to get my play on and run around, but I also really love to curl up on the couch with my toy, put my head on her lap, and just snuggle.  She is going to really miss me, but wants me to find my perfect forever, with a family who loves me.  If you think you have what it takes, and are looking for that special boy, go ahead and fill out an application  I may have had a rough start, but my future is looking bright, and I would love to find that special someone to share it with.   show less

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Vito, our velvet land seal is ready to strut his stuff right in to your home forever. 9yrs, 60lbs, Neutered Male Short Stack Meatball Lo... show more

Vito, our velvet land seal is ready to strut his stuff right in to your home forever. 9yrs, 60lbs, Neutered Male Short Stack Meatball Love, all UTD on Shots and such, Adoption fee is 50$ Vito exudes happiness, love, and a really fun time. His favorite activities include getting butt scratches, keeping the couch company, car rides, and visiting with all the humans, especially the little humans. While with us these past three months, not only has his skin allergy irritations all but disappeared, we have also been working on place training, impulse control, and recall.  We put some of that training to the test yesterday on our field trip to Mountain Paw.  Vito was off leash, giving big meatball loves to Brandon for a bit, and then as he sniffed at very delectable treats and bones, he listened to commands and came when called.  We so appreciate Mountain Paw, huge Farm Dog supporters – they help keep us feeding this boy the best food. It’s why he looks amazing today. When Vito came in through the barn doors from our friends at SCRAPS, we knew this happy hippo would excel with the TLC the Farm Hands specialize in.  We went to work straight away and identified his medical needs. Laura made me promise not to bring her another hot mess mouth like his for at least 6months.  At 8, Vito had likely never had his teeth cleaned before.  It was bad.  But not as bad as the oozing pustules from his hind side. See his allergies were so bad, he not only lost all the hair on his tail and ham hocks, but he was also erupting with all these angry infection pimples.   Between Ponti, Dr. Laura and his foster mom, some awesome human actions turned this boy’s life around. Are you looking to add the most precious velvet land seal of all North Idaho to your family?  Here is what we ask: Vito needs to remain on a special diet, and his adopter will agree to keep him healthy and on it. Vito has prey drive, common in dogs – NO CATS or SMALL DOGS, No exceptions.  Ideal home would have no other pets just to keep it less complicated. Vito does great with all Humans, and is actually amazing with kids. Love this happy hippo for who he is, and always advocate for him If this all sounds fabulous to you, please complete the application to be considered for Vito. *Note our adoption process may be modified for COVID-19 Stay in Place orders, and depending on your home environment, we may take alternative steps and/or delay placement.  #bethechange #northidahorescue #collaborativeeffortssavelives #happyhippo #velvetlandseal #luvapibble #adoptabull #endbsl #pnwpitty #pitlove #fosteringsaveslives #scraps #thefurryfarmrescue show less

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Chow Chow

18mo Male, Neutered Chow Chow Mix Good with Dogs and Kids, Cats are unknown DAPPV, Rabies, Bordetella, Microchip, Flea& Tick Adoptio... show more

18mo Male, Neutered Chow Chow Mix Good with Dogs and Kids, Cats are unknown DAPPV, Rabies, Bordetella, Microchip, Flea& Tick Adoption Fee is $200   Our Mutt in Black, Westley came to FFR with the whole Princess Bride Clan. He earned his name for always having a great attitude in the face of peril.  You see, Westley has a bum leg. But he doesn't let it slow him down or impact his enjoyment of adventure, sword fights, and rock climbing.  We are joking about the foil, no fencing for this guy, unless you are talking about a solid 6ft one to keep him safe.    Westley has thrived coming into foster care, and does really well with everyone he meets.  Say the word and he's ready for a walk down the path, a visit to the local farm and more. Housebroke, mild manners, sassy talk, and typical chow-chow behaviors are prevalent.  We took Westley in to see Dr Ruth at Ponti for his limp, and we were certainly surprised by the diagnosis.  We will be reviewing all that we know with his potential adopters, but her advice was to maintain as is, since his body had done a great job modifying around the old injury.   Westley has endured so much in his short time on earth. We are glad the happy and loved years will far out weigh the rough start, and that he has put all that torture and angst far, far behind. Interested in meeting FFR's Masked Man in Black?  Apply today: show less