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Female Adult Pit Bull Terrier (mixed)

If you have any questions about Elsie, please contact Charlie's Crusaders Pet Rescue, LLC at

Charlie's Crusaders Pet Rescue, LLC

About Elsie

Meet Elsie! Elsie was previously known as Louisa Catherine when she was rescued from euthanasia at a high kill shelter in the south after being seized as part of a cruelty case. Elsie is in need of a forever home. LC is a sweet, goofy, wiggly girl. She’s 2 years old and weighs 48lbs. She loves people and is dog friendly. She is being fostered with 5 other dogs (4lb chihuahua to a 60lb pit). She is crate trained and walks well on a leash. She hops like a bunny when she runs.  Elsie is up to date on all her shots and spayed.

From her foster:
Elsie is a very smart girl. She knows her basic commands and is potty trained and crate trained. She loves to snuggle with her foster brother after playing in the yard. She lives with a cat and would do best with a dog savvy cat and a family experienced with cat introductions because she does like to play with her kitty foster brother.  She has 5 other furry foster siblings and gets along with all of them.  She walks nicely on a leash and knows "Bed time".  She is a loving girl and would make a great addition to any family.  She has met young kids before and is very friendly and loving, but she does like to jump so young children might get knocked down.  We're working on "off" so she can be her best mannered self.  



Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats

Charlie's Crusaders Pet Rescue, LLC

5534 Holly Ridge Dr Horn Lake MS 38637

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Pit Bull Terrier

Meet Diesel! Diesel is a 2.5-year-old sweet dog with similarities to a Pit Bull. Diesel was originally an owner surrender due to a life... show more

Meet Diesel! Diesel is a 2.5-year-old sweet dog with similarities to a Pit Bull. Diesel was originally an owner surrender due to a life change requiring a move. The person was going to have his sister, Princess, and her euthanized until his dog sitter stepped in and convinced her to surrender them.  Both have been in a foster home since December 8th. Per Diesel’s foster “He absolutely loves to cuddle, and tries be up in my lap with his face in mine, which is reminiscent of excited jumping behavior, which I try to correct by having him sit next to me, and he will then try to burrow under my legs, so I think he would be happy in any spot of the cuddle puddle, as long as he’s in it. His favorite toys are balls, he loves to chase them and I’ve been trying to teach fetch using the word “back” when I throw something. He brings the ball right over, and accepts praise for being such a smart boy, but he would much rather wander off and chew on it for a while. He is just barely getting the idea of the “release” command and will sort of turn his head up to present the ball but doesn’t let go until I start taking it from him. He also loves chasing and chewing on sticks, Kongs, and beef bones. I have only given him the beef bones when he is alone and won’t be disturbed, as a precaution. I also have his food and water bowls on a raised stand and haven’t witnessed any aggression. I have trained him to sit and wait in the doorway to my laundry room while I fill the food and water bowls, switch a load of laundry and do what I need to do to get everything ready for him before I tell him that it is “okay” to go ahead and eat. He does wait like an angel, but I will admit he is like a bull in a china shop running to the bowl, and he does eat fast.  I have been working on him with diverting his attention while he’s eating, just by calling him to come over to me for skritches, then going back to the food, and he is doing much better. He will also sit and wait in his crate with the door open while I open the door to go outside, walk outside myself first and then wait for an “okay” to be released.  He does fine in the car, but he wants to be in your lap, so I put a barrier up between my front and back seats. In addition to working on fetch/release, he knows sit (holding your right index finger pointed up), lay down (swoop your hand from the upright finger in a downward motion until your whole hand is flat, palm facing the ground), and wait (hand in front of you, palm facing him). He’s getting better at walking on a leash but does still pull a little. I usually use a short leash, with a harness that clips in the front and hold it behind my back so that his shoulder is just behind my thigh, so he is learning to heel and keeps improving.” Diesel has not been around children or cats. Diesel is up to date on his shots, neutered, house broken, and crate trained. If you are interested in adopting or fostering Diesel, please go to our website at and fill out our adoption application! show less

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German Shorthaired Pointer

Meet Kyle!  Kyle is a 37lb., 1-2 year old male, with similarities to a German Shorthaired Pointer and a Heeler mix. Kyle was rescued fro... show more

Meet Kyle!  Kyle is a 37lb., 1-2 year old male, with similarities to a German Shorthaired Pointer and a Heeler mix. Kyle was rescued from a rural shelter in MS, where he lived outside in the freezing cold with only a barrel for shelter. He is currently in Lancaster boarding awaiting his furever home. Kyle needs an experienced adopter as he tbecomes your ultimate Velcro dog.  He believes you need his protection 24/7. He tends to become very attached to the females in the household so we would prefer him to be the only dog as he may mistake another dog as a threat to his family that he's protecting . He is super affectionate and loves to cuddle and be right by your side!  He loves older children (9yrs old and up), is a little shy to people at first meeting, but warms up quickly.  He loves to lay on your feet and will be faithfully by you whenever you're home.  Kyle is very curious about his foster kitty brother and is learning that kitties are for cuddling and not for chasing.  Kyle walks nicely on a leash and is housebroken.  He is working on basic commands like sit, stay and lay down.  He is food motivated and takes treats very nicely. Kyle is up to date on shots, flea/tick/heartworm preventative/and is neutered.  If you are interested in adopting Kyle, please go to our website at and fill out an adoption application! show less