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Male Adult Labrador Retriever Dalmatian (mixed)

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About Chubba

Chubba is a young boy who needs a very special family. He was born in Feb 2017 and is a lab/dalmation mix. He lived a miserable six months here on this earth before coming to one of our rescue partners. Our goal to make the rest of his life a good one.

He was "dumped" way before he was old enough to care for himself. He ended up in an area that was filled with Porcupine and had the needles all over his body - especially his face. He had to be live trapped to get him. He was absolutely terrified and is still leary of humans but is coming around vey slowly. It took almost two months for his sores to heal and for him to "tolerate" being touched but he is doing better - all physical wounds are healed and he is now coming to the gates at his current shelter looking for attention. He was put him in a kennel area with a more outgoing dog and that has helped tremendously. The shelter he is at is great- but he needs a foster home to continue to progress.

He requires a loving and PATIENT home. He is not a "love you to death" type of puppy. You will have to earn that love through lots and lots of patience.

He does great with other dogs and is getting more and more curious about all of the attention they get. He would probably be best in a home with another dog to help him finish coming out of his shell. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body but as with any fearful dog - he could bite if cornered or pushed too far too fast- so therefore no young children for this beautiful baby. 

Timid/fearful dogs are some of the most rewarding dogs to care for. Seeing their progress and how they can blossom before your very eyes is incomparable.

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