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Female Adult Border Collie (mixed)

If you have any questions about Zing, please contact Demi's Animal Rescue at

Demi's Animal Rescue

About Zing

Adoption Fee: $225

Bazinga! How are you?  I am Zing and I'm a lovely, active, adult black (with tasteful white accents) border collie.  I'm super curious about - well - everything.  I love to play with chew toys, explore, and play with other dogs once we've been introduced to each other.  I'm a lady, so proper introductions are important to me.  

Not to brag, but in general I am a pretty smart dog and like to learn.  I have a sweet temperament and enjoy people once I get used to them.  Another thing that's important to me is pleasing my people.  I really enjoy when they are happy with me.   My foster family is teaching me things like proper house manners and housebreaking - remember, manners are important to us true ladies, but we still need guidance and patience!

All dogs are spayed/neutered, mircochipped, heartworm tested - if age appropriate and up to date on vaccinations (combo shot, bordetella, rabies - if age appropriate)



1 years, 6 months
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Not Sure
Not Sure
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats

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Aurora CO 80016

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Shepherds (All Types)

Creflo has been with us for 440 days & he is hoping to find his furever home! For the months of January & February, Creflo's ado... show more

Creflo has been with us for 440 days & he is hoping to find his furever home! For the months of January & February, Creflo's adoption fee will be $75! Creflo is a fabulous, affectionate 10 year old fluffy boy of about 50 pounds.  He will give kisses and shake hands. In fact, he really loves to hold your hand while you sit and watch tv. Sleeping at your feet is one of his favorite things.... He loves company and would really like someone who is home a lot though he does well resting when you need to go out too.  He has learned to enjoy gentle walks to the park and will stop to water every post and tree. Truth be told, he's pretty good at rationing pee for the return walk home too! A mile is about his limit. Creflo enjoys tug and chasing tennis balls. He has a particular gentle nibble for his squeak toys as he searches for the squeaker.  Creflo wants you to know his absolute favorite toy is his “hedgie”. He has 3 and they are ALL his favorite toy. He loves treats, especially Blue Dog Bakery Softies.  He will sit and hold his paw out for “Hello”. Creflo had one owner for his first ten years and never left home so he is still exceptionally scared of the car, he has however gotten to really enjoy his walks and will wait at the gate if you pick up his leash. He has done extremely well with a home visit vet for booster shots. He likes to sleep on his bed next to your bed at night. He appreciates being tucked in with his blanket and frog and will mostly sleep through the night without needing to go out. If you get up, he will get up too. He has been in a foster home with 3 children, so noise is not an issue for him. Children must know dog manners and understand not to startle or tug on him as he does startle easily.  Dislikes: Stairs (he can handle a stair or two, but prefers to have ramp available if there are more stairs that that! Being picked up Car rides Having his collar grabbed    show less

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Domestic Short Hair

Hi there! Hey there! Ho there!  I’m Tiger and am not a baby and not yet a woman.  Maybe we should start with what I am:  gorgeous, femal... show more

Hi there! Hey there! Ho there!  I’m Tiger and am not a baby and not yet a woman.  Maybe we should start with what I am:  gorgeous, female, gray tabby and under a year old.  In my short time on this planet I have learned many important cat skills.  What sort skills can a young one like me possibly have?  My life skills include birdwatching (you never know what they will do), butt scratches (because – who doesn’t love this?), cuddles (again – I’m a smart girl, this is awesome), Churu treats (so much liking for these), sitting on your lap (including at convenient times), hanging in my kitty hammock (cuz my fosters don’t raise stupid cats), and grooming my friends while they are trying to sleep (it’s fun and they are being still, probably the same reasoning for poking a sleeping bear). We should probably also talk about some things I don’t like so much.  Gravity!  Ugh!  Who is responsible for that travesty?  I fought the gravity & the gravity won.  I mean, I still try, I think I can conquer it – it will just take all my special kitty powers.  Kind of brings me to my next point, gracefulness.  I guess when it comes to being graceful, humans like to say, at she’s a pretty girl.  Please don’t believe the false hype that all cats are graceful, at least you won’t believe it after you meet me.  But I am a very pretty girl with a super nice temperament.  Last thing I’ll pull the curtain back and tell you about is my ongoing feud with the expensive kitty water fountain of doom.  Maybe my clumsiness has something to do with my disagreement with the fountain.  Anyway, I still plan on winning that battle as well. In case you do a background check on me (you know before our first date, since you know you want to check meowt), I used to be a scaredy feral cat and I am now a very different woman (think total opposite).  I am active, sweet, playful and a joy to be around.  I have learned that humans are absolutely enjoyable to be around and I’m so glad to have a foster who saw through my shyness and helped me blossom in to the unapologetic clumsy kitty I am today.  No more delays, please!  Just contact the humans at Demi’s (they are the only ones with email/phones) and set up a time for us to meet.  You know you need to see my cropped ear up close & personal.  And, am I really smiling IRL the same as in my pictures?  Come on over & find out.  All cats are spayed/neutered, mircochipped, FeLV tested and up to date on vaccinations (combo shot, rabies - if age appropriate) show less