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Female Young Border Collie (mixed)

If you have any questions about Rhiley, please contact Partnership for Animal Welfare at

Partnership for Animal Welfare

About Rhiley

Adoption Fee: $350.00

Hi, I'm Rhiley! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a 4 years young, very beautiful, female Border Collie mix. Heavy on the mix! I'm about 25 pounds with short legs and a bit of a potato shaped body. I won’t get any bigger unless I'm fed too many snacks! I really love snacks! My lovely tri-colored coat is soft and medium length. I do enjoy a good gentle brushing. Overall, I'm a pretty mellow pup.

When I first arrived at PAW something scary happened. I experienced some seizures. Lucky for me the PAW volunteers took excellent care of me and now I take daily medications. Since starting the medications, I haven't had any seizures. I take my pills easily and willingly. If my foster family isn't home when I need to take my pills, I know how to use my timed feeder to get my needed medicine. I will most likely need to take this medicine the rest of my life.

Since I'm full grown, I'm past all that crazy puppy stuff. I don't chew and I potty outside in the yard. I sleep in a crate at night on a nice cozy dog bed. I don't really need the crate, but it is a safe comfortable place for me to stay at night. I am working on basic commands like sit and off. I like to take walks and I'm a pretty easy walker.

I like everyone. If I'm not near my foster humans, then I like to hang with the family dogs. If the dogs are playing too hard, then I go hang with the cats. My foster mom says I'm the best foster dog she's every had around her cats. I also like gentle kids. If I see a kid, I often whine and whimper until they come to see me. I'm always hopeful their hands might be full of tasty treats.

I have a sensitive side. Sometimes an unexpected touch or brush up against something startles me. I don't try to bite or hurt anyone, but I let out a very loud squeal that might be startling when you first hear it. The more I get to know my surroundings, the less it happens.

I can be a little shy at first, but once I am comfortable, I will follow you wherever you go. It's easy to win me over with tasty doggie snacks. Hanging out with a doggie friend that has a similar energy level also helps me feel more confident.

If you feel that you can continue with my medical needs and are looking for a very sweet, calm, gentle pup, then I might be the perfect addition to your family!      



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Partnership for Animal Welfare

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