4 years
DOB: 11/01/2013
American Staffordshire Terrier, ,

This pet is currently being listed by Goshen Humane Society, Inc. ---- Get to know Champ ---- Status: Available

If you have any questions about fostering or adopting Champ please contact Goshen Humane Society, Inc. directly at 845-294-3984 and

Champ came to the shelter almost 2 years ago.  He was just under 1 year of age at the time.  As you can see by his pictures, he's a beautiful boy.  We have never made any bones about it that Champ needs a committed and loving owner.  He needs a owner/owners who will be his boss and commit to training.  Initially I would have said he would be better off with no other dogs, but with a committed owner and patience he would probably do well with another dog (the right dog obviously.) Over time he has done well with other dogs at the shelter and when outside will even paw and clean/lick the dog in the adjacent run. In late 2016 we hire Steve Del Savio from Pack Leaders who works with Cesar Milan and we learned a lot and in turn Champ has learned a lot.  Champ will be a friend for life, but he needs to know that his adopter is patience and committed.  His original adopter was only 19 years old and should never have been allowed to adopt him....he was over crated, never neutered and left on his own 90% of the time.  Champ has been disappointed by a few.  He needs someone who is truly committed.

Adoption Fee: $140.00

Pet Attributes
Name Champ Housetrained YES
Age Adult Hypoallergenic NO
Gender Male Spayed/Neutered YES
Size Medium Ok with dogs YES
Shots up to date YES Ok with cats NO
Ok with kids NO

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