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Frank (Spike)

Male Adult Shiba Inu (mixed)

If you have any questions about Frank (Spike), please contact Save Our Herders Outreach Inc at

Save Our Herders Outreach Inc

About Frank (Spike)

Adoption Fee: $275.00

Frank is now ready for his very own human and Instagram feed. This about-two-year-old Shiba Inu mix (as near as his foster family can tell) is an utter delight and absolutely full of sass and Frankitude. He is dog-friendly, okay with dog-savvy cats (must be VERY dog-savvy), friendly, snuggly, housetrained, crate-trained, and ready for his closeup.

Frank was found back in August after being hit by a car. Though he appeared to sustain no outward injuries, the nerves in one of his front legs was damaged beyond repair. A very valiant effort was made to restore the nerves but eventually, he had to have his leg amputated. Despite being tri-pawed, Frank has lost none of his sass. He has a big, bright personality to go along with his adorable face and friendly demeanor. You'd expect a three-legged dog maybe to not jump, or to be slow - not our Frank. He is a very fast, very agile boy who will still ask for pets by jumping up on people (a habit his foster family is trying to break). He also keeps up with the fastest dog in his foster pack with no problem.

Frank's ideal home will have another playful dog. Frank loves to play with other dogs, especially chase and bitey-face, and would benefit greatly from another dog to pal around with. Frank also likes to sleep in the bed, so has asked us to find him a family where he can take up some space near your knees at bedtime (he does not demand his own pillow, fortunately). He also wants someone who will train him - he would love to be a tricks dog or maybe even a casual agility dog. Frank will also need someone who is going to put his health high on their priorities - because Frank has a front-end amputation, much of his weight is balanced on one foot and will need someone who is going to watch his Frankly figure and keep him from being a Frankenfurter. 

Frank is a *very* smart guy and will sass you if he thinks you are being too slow about letting him out of his crate or letting him outside or not giving him exactly the amount of treats he thinks he has earned. He will sometimes steal objects for attention if he thinks you're not paying him enough (a charge he denies). He also wants ALL the foods and it will be his new guardian's job to make sure he gets a just a moderate amount of the foods. 

In short, this guy is full of personality and spunk, and his ideal adopter will celebrate all of his Frankitude. He is quirky, playful, gentle, and loves to snuggle. He has a moderate energy and settles well. His foster family is still working on his endurance in the front leg so walks are best kept to a mile or so until his fitness improves. Interested in making The Frankus a part of your life? Please apply at 



Frank (Spike)
2 years, 6 months
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Not Sure
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats

Save Our Herders Outreach Inc

Richmond VA 23230

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Border Collie

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Batman to the rescue! Batman is a very cute, very happy, very smart 8-month-old Border Collie mix. We know that his mom is a purebred Border Collie, and based on his looks we think dad is a Heeler, Cattle Dog or even a Jack Russell (the ears give it away!). Batman is not a big guy - he is leggy and actually a few pounds overweight at 27 pounds. He is housebroken, crate-trained, rides nicely in the car and knows a few basic obedience commands – he is a fast learner. He still pulls on the leash a bit. Batman absolutely loves people and has never met a stranger. He is a medium-to-high Velcro guy who loves to explore his yard but who also stays within eye and earshot of his foster family.  His foster mom has started him in agility classes and he is a natural.  He is smart, food-motivated and a natural athlete.  Batman loves other dogs, approaching respectfully, and then he is off and running for a good game of “chase and be chased”!  Batman is a medium-to-high energy dog with an off switch. He loves those chase games, loves agility, but when playtime is over he settles nicely, either near his humans (he is a great snuggler) or in his crate.  Batman is not a fan of cats and he is still too much of a bouncy puppy for small children. Batman’s ideal home is an active one, with a family who is dog-savvy, enjoys training and is interested in the kinds of activities usually associated with herding dogs. A fenced yard is important, and he would love a playful dog pal. Children over the age of 10 would be fine with him. Looking for a young dog full of fun? Looking for an agility ace?  Batman to the rescue!!! Apply today! Batman is fostered in Belvidere, New Jersey.     show less

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Hank is the man!! This handsome 4-5 year old Collie mix has a gorgeous white and tan coat with some small touches of black trim. He is a bit too thin at just 43 pounds, and could use another 4-5 pounds to reach his perfect weight. Hank is housebroken, crate-trained, rides nicely in the car and walks pretty well on leash! He is just starting to learn his basic commands. Hank loves people and has a very gentle way about him. He is calm, absolutely loves to be petted, loves to share the couch for snuggles, and basically just loves hanging out with his foster family. We don’t think that Hank has spent much time in a home because exploring new rooms and new floor coverings made him a bit anxious at first, but now that he is in a home he loves it! He enjoys his crate and happily sleeps in the crate at night. Hank also enjoys his foster dog pals. They are smaller than him and not pushy at all, and he seems to appreciate how they “show him the ropes”. He is not really playful with other dogs, but he does enjoy sharing the couch, the floor and his outdoor time with them. He has not been tested with cats, but we think that he might be a little too interested in them. The ideal home for Hank is a quieter one, with a family or person who is looking for a great dog pal with a big heart. If you have the patience to work with this gentle boy and show him how great the world can be, he will be your best friend for life and continue to blossom into your most wonderful companion. A fenced yard is required, another gentle dog pal or two would be great, and children over the age of 10 are fine with him. If you can imagine sharing your couch with Hank apply today! Hank is fostered in Cordele, Georgia.   show less

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Australian Shepherd

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Jake is one handsome purebred black tri Australian Shepherd who is ready for his forever home!  This 3-year-old has a luscious thick coat and dark brown eyes, and he is a great weight at 43 pounds. Jake is crate trained, housebroken and knows his basic obedience commands. He also knows a few tricks such as catching a treat midair!  Jake walks fairly well on a leash and rides nicely in the car. Jake is a gentle boy who loves people.  He loves learning - he is extremely focused and engaged during his training sessions and is a joy to train.  We would describe Jake as a medium Velcro, medium energy dog. He loves to go for walks around the neighborhood, rides in the car and enjoys playing fetch in the yard, and when playtime is over he is a master snuggler.  Jake also gets along very well with other dogs and loves their company, but he cannot be placed in a home with cats – he is a known cat chaser. The ideal home for Jake is a fairly active one, filled with people who enjoy bringing their dog pal along with them on their many adventures, walks and hikes, and who are up for an occasional game of fetch.  Jake would also love a family that will continue to teach him new tricks/commands and keep him mentally stimulated.  Jake still jumps up on people when he gets excited, so a home with children over the age of 12 would be best. Another dog pal would be welcomed and a fenced in yard would be ideal. If you feel like Jake is speaking to your heart, then apply today! Jake is fostered in Tallahassee, Florida. show less

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THE BOY WHO WEARS PANTS Jenga is a very sweet, small guy who has been with us for a few months and is now ready for a forever home.  Jenga is about 2 years old, weighs just 30 pounds and has a beautiful golden coat with white markings. Jenga came to us from a shelter in North Carolina.  He was hit by a car and almost didn’t make it, but there was something special about this little guy and the staff fought to give him every chance.  He spent time in the ICU while they fixed his cuts and breaks, and eventually they even had to amputate his tail!  We brought him to one of our wonderful foster families, and he has been in their care while we worked hard to help him continue to heal.  Everything has gone very well except that at this point he does not have full control of his bowels.  We set up a bowel program and even provided laser acupuncture treatments to try and do everything we could to make him as whole as possible.  He is so much better than a few months ago, but he is still THE BOY WHO WEARS PANTS. So what is Jenga like?  This perfect little guy with the imperfect body really is the perfect dog in spirit and personality.  He loves people of all ages and especially children, he is great with other dogs and he is even good with cats!! He has learned his basic obedience commands, rides fine in the car and is excellent walking on a leash.  He loves to walk or jog with his foster family, and he can easily do two miles at a stretch.  He has a nice medium energy level, and when walks and playtimes are over he loves to snuggle, nap and get belly scratches.  He is such an easy-going guy, happy just to be with you but he will not get under your feet.  When he is inside during the day, Jenga needs to wear a simple belly band just to make sure there are no pee accidents.  He loves his crate, and at night when he sleeps in his crate he wears some of those designer pants to catch his nightly bowel movement – these bowel movements are always very firm, with no to minimal cleanup required.  He is, after all, THE BOY WHO WEARS PANTS. Jenga is a special guy who needs a special home.  He would love to move in with an active person or family who will include him in their busy lives.  Children, other dogs and cats are fine with him but he is also fine without them – he is so flexible!  He does not need a fenced yard.  What Jenga does need is a special someone to love him, to accept him the way he is, and to have fun with him for a long and happy lifetime.  If you are his special someone, apply today!  Jenga, THE BOY WHO WEARS PANTS, is fostered in Decatur, Georgia. show less

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Liutenant Dan

Australian Cattle Dog

Hey everyone! My name is Lt. Dan and I am a year old mixed breed dog. We think I might be an Australian Cattle Dog mix or something, but... show more

Hey everyone! My name is Lt. Dan and I am a year old mixed breed dog. We think I might be an Australian Cattle Dog mix or something, but one thing is for sure: I'm 100% handsome! I'm even more handsome with three legs! Your eyes do not deceive you: I am tripawed and a lucky boy. I am awesome with other dogs but my foster mom says I'm not that great with cats because oh boy do I like to chase them. I'm pretty food motivated and will take all of the snacks you'll give me... but I need a new family to help me watch my figure because of my disability. Truth be told, I did not have the best start in life. I was dumped on the side of a road where I searched for my family and had to fend for myself. While looking for my family I was hit by a car. I was scared and lonely and was hurt really bad. I was so scared of people and it took three big scary men to catch me. They brought me to a hospital where I met my foster mom. She gave me pain medication and advocated for me. This is where the amazing Mel said foster mom could bring me into the rescue and make me better.  They amputated my leg and my foster mom slowly gained my trust as I healed. As you can imagine I am still very scared around new people and strangers. I need my new family to come meet me a few times before I can go home with them. It would also be great if my new family has worked with a fearful dog before. I am getting better with trusting my foster mom about strangers and ignoring them. I love playing with my foster brothers and sisters and can play all day. I have foster kitties in the house that I will chase if they run. I am going to go play with my foster siblings now and my foster mom will tell you more.  Lt. Dan is up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, and on flea, tick and heartworm prevention monthly. He LOVES playing with other dogs and gets along with dogs of all sizes. He can live with dog savvy cats. Lt. Dan is fearful of new people and his adopter with be required to come to New Jersey a few times to meet him and spend some time with him before he can go to his new home. His adopters will also need to have experience with fearful dogs and will need to work with a positive reinforcement trainer. Once he learns to trust you, Lt. Dan will cuddle with you all day if you let him. He is a medium energy dog who just wants to be with his person. He will gladly occupy you on a long walk or cuddle on the couch all day with you. Because he had his leg amputated his adopters will need to be vigilant about his diet, weight and keep him exercised. Lt. Dan has had a rough beginning but with love and dedication he can overcome his past and be a loving member of a family. Could that be you?  SOHO is a 501c3 public charity focusing on rescuing herding dogs in crisis on the East Coast. Your pets will need to be up to date on vaccinations and heartworm preventative in order to be considered for adoption. Lt. Dan does have some additional adoption requirements: his foster mom would like a potential adopter to come and visit Lt. Dan a few times before taking him home in order to help him bond to his new family. Please note that Lt. Dan is located in HIGHLAND LAKES, NEW JERSEY. show less