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Female Young Great Dane

If you have any questions about Izzy, please contact Great Dane Rescue of MN & WI at

Great Dane Rescue of MN & WI

About Izzy

Adoption Fee: $400.00

Currently taking applications-- the adoption of Izzy will be a longer than normal process to ensure she finds her perfect home-- She still needs to be spayed and will be available to officially adopt after her surgery.

Izzy is 1 years old, and a young sassy girl that has been a joy to have in our home.

Izzy came to us very nervous and hesitant. With patience and understanding, Izzy quickly opened up to us, freely roamed the house, would let us know if she needed to go outside, and sought us out for pets.

Izzy is a talkative gal and often expresses her nervousness and excitement with grumbles and barks, but is easily redirectable.

Izzy knows how to sit, stay, shake, lay down, and follows commands very easily-she’ll do anything for a treat!

Izzy needs a quiet home, who is willing to continue working on manners. She also needs a home that is able to give her lots of attention, as her ideal day would be spending it snuggling in bed with her hoomans, getting petted, being fed treats, and chasing after squirrels in a backyard.

If you’re looking for your own personal shadow and to patiently love her unconditionally, than Izzy is your gal!



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Great Dane Rescue of MN & WI


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Great Dane

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Ki is a 6.5 yr old lovable boy who came to us after his owner decided to move in with family and he was “voted out of the move”. Within days, it was apparent that he needs exercise, structure, and attention for him to thrive. With supervision, he has done well with visitors and after he “calms down” in his kennel is very friendly. We can tell he hasn’t had a lot of positive social interactions and are working on that - and we’re confident he will learn quickly with practice. He is perfectly house and crate trained - he sleeps in his crate at night and when we leave the house just to keep some separation from the resident Dane, but we don’t think he would get into things if left to roam. We were expecting a bit of male aggression but haven’t seen that since he’s arrived - in fact, he absolutely loves my husband and has warmed up quickly to us both. He mostly ignores the resident Dane so we think he would be happy in a home with another large dog or as the solo dog. He does tend to be quite vocal which can be misinterpreted as aggressive, but we feel with proper management and awareness he will make an excellent companion. He’s happiest when receiving pets and belly rubs, going on long walks, and playing tug of war with a rope toy. As you can see from the photos, Ki is a big boy and has some weight to lose. With a structured home including regular walks and proper diet, he is going to flourish. With the help of a gentle leader, he does well on walks but still needs a confident handler for the situations when he spots another dog and gets excited. Due to his large size and vocal nature, he needs a home that will be consistent with training, walking, and socialization. A fenced yard will be important so he can expel some energy between walks. We know Ki will make someone with patience and a big heart very happy! show less

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This is Luna's foster, Meg, speaking for her because she's too shy to tell you about herself. Luna is 17 mths old and recently Spayed. She is a very petite Dane, weighing in at only 85 lbs.   Luna was surrendered because she attacked and badly injured a very small dog the owners also had in the home, but since coming into rescue, we have seen no evidence of dog aggression. I let her out to play with the dogs who are around her size, like labs and retrievers and she does great and loves running and playing with them. So we think a home with another friendly, medium to large dog would be perfect for her.   Luna's biggest issue is fear and trusting. We don't really know how she was treated in her previous home, but she was extremely scared once her owner left our farm and would not let me get close enough to touch her for a couple of weeks. I could let her out, let her back in and she'd run to her kennel and stay there.    HOWEVER, once I gained her trust (hot dogs are a wonderful thing) and she would take treats and food out of my hand, we progressed quickly and I can say without a doubt, she is the sweetest dog I've ever met. She may never be a real cuddle bunny, but she is so happy for kind words and a few pets. Her most prized position is a squeaky rubber bird she brought with her and she will carry it around all day.    Luna will need a very special forever home who will be patient above all else. As she is in a boarding kennel situation now (albeit having free run of the place), I think being in a home with another dog that she can see is being petted, loved and treated well will do her a world of good and probably won't take as long as she did to warm up to me.  But, she does deserve a home and I hope someone will consider her.   show less