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Female Senior Boxer

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Cowtown Boxer Rescue

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Dear Diary,

Hi! Its me, Annabelle. I am 10 years old and found myself needing a new home. Cowtown Boxer Rescue took me and now I have a wonderful family taking care of me until it's time to find my furever family. Unfortunately, we found out that I am heartworm positive. I've never heard of these, but now I now it's not a good thing. Since I'm a beautiful senior lady, we're taking trying to kill these buggers the slow way. 

Check back for updates and I'll keep you posted.

Sincerely, Annabelle



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Cowtown Boxer Rescue

Fort Worth TX 76112

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#TheWyattDiaries 10/2/2019 Dear Diary, I've had quite the life so far. I've lived most of my life on the streets as a stray. I've had to... show more

#TheWyattDiaries 10/2/2019 Dear Diary, I've had quite the life so far. I've lived most of my life on the streets as a stray. I've had to fend for myself, and find my home shelter and food. I'm tired but so happy that someone found me and Cowtown Boxer Rescue saved me. I'm in a foster home that loves me already. I get to hand out with other boxers sometimes, and there are two adorable girls that fuss all over me. I've got lots to learn and hope to find MY family soon. Love, Wyatt ------------- 11/10/2019  Dear Diary, I’ve decided after much thought that I’m not going to tell everyone exactly how old I am. I have been estimated to be be probably 5-6. I figure that’s likely based among other things my full grey face and my chill demeanor. What’s peculiar is I have the teethe of a 3 year old. Could it be that I am very particular about dental hygiene, or have I just been cursed with a premature grey face??? I’d rather not admit so I will just say that I am an extremely “mature” guy! I also have a gorgeous coat that is super soft. My foster mom says is one of my most amazing features. I am a very affectionate guy that loves to snuggle. Sometimes when I am all snuggled up here, I play over and over in my mind just exactly how I find my forever home. I would really like to find a home that I am the only guy (pet). I am a no nonsense type and I would really like to just get all of the snuggles, all of the adventures, and just otherwise be left alone! I am pretty relaxed and extremely easy going so long as I am the only pet in the house. I am crate trained and potty trained. I walk extremely well on a leash and I love adventures and car rides. I have never met a stranger. I’m keeping my paws crossed that my people stumble across me soon and get me “home”. Home to snuggle and love and be their good boy. Their only boy. Love, Wyatt -------------- 11/20/2019 Dear Diary, They say there is a perfect family for every dog. I sure hope that is true. As I ponder the possibilities of where life is going to take me exactly, I wonder; is my perfect family really out there? Is my forever person just a day away, a week away? Is it possible that they might read this entry? How exactly are they going to find me?  I am such a fun loving guy who has never met a stranger! My foster Mom says I am one of the easiest dogs she has had around.  The fact that I am incredibly picky about what other dogs I hang around with(so I am likely best as an only pup) and the fact that I absolutely do not do cats could be a hang up for some people. I’m certain there is someone that is looking for their one and only though! The most important thing to know is that I am so amazing with with people. I am 💯 in love with everyone I come across, I especially love my people, but even strangers too. I’ve yet to meet a person I don’t like. I am becoming increasingly attached to my fosters bc they are such cool people and I really like being with them. But, what I really want is for my forever person/people to find me!!!!  Should I be concerned that when people are looking for their Forever Boxer that they may inadvertently pass right over me not seeing past my gray face? What they may not see is my beautiful brindle color and amazingly soft coat. Truth be told I am a pretty distinguished guy! But, all cards on the table... I think most of these grays are premature. My dentist says I have the teeth of a three year old!.  During the multiple quiet times I enjoy during the day I think about who my forever people are and what they’re like.  If you are looking for an incredibly handsome guy with lots of spunk and energy who also has manners, you may want to click the link in the comments below to find out more about me. I can’t wait to meet you! Love, Wyatt --------------- 1/15/2020 Dear Diary, So much has happened in the last couple of months. The holidays were crazy fun and over in a flash. I went to a place called boarding for a week while my foster family was traveling. It was actually pretty cool. I made friends with all of the vet techs there and really enjoyed myself. They gave me a great report when I was picked up. I still haven’t met a human that I don’t like!  Also, you should know that my results are in.... There is a 100% chance that I am a hugger!!! Man, do I love to hug. I guess I’m just sensitive that way. I’m not ashamed at all. I’ll give a hug anytime, any place. You won’t catch me turning down a hug.  Now that everyone is settled back in from all of the holiday activities I’m wondering when my forever person is going to find me. Will they love hugs too? Will they want to take me on adventures? Will we go for walks together? Who will it be? I can’t wait to find out. I am officially on the lookout for you.  Maybe you’re looking for an easy going guy who loves cuddles and adventures, who would really prefer to be your one and only. Maybe you are looking for a chill guy to hang out with.  You can learn more about or apply to adopt me on the link in comments.  Until then HUGS & kisses.  Love, Wyatt show less