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Female Young Labrador Retriever

If you have any questions about Rosie, please contact Partnership for Animal Welfare at

Partnership for Animal Welfare

About Rosie

Adoption Fee: $350.00

Rosie is a 2 year old 60 lb yellow Lab mix.  Rosie has become somewhat a problem child for PAW.  Rosie has been adopted twice and returned to us twice because of food aggression.  Rosie is now in a foster home and the mystery is that they never see any food aggression from her.  We think the reason may be that she shares her foster home with three other dogs and at both failed adoptions she was the only dog in the house.  So now we are stipulating that Rosie must go into a home with at least one other dog.  We believe the other dogs keep Rosie from acting out.  That's our theory based on our foster experience with her.  We also want someone with enough dog experience to know how to handle the food aggression problem if it still surfaces.  

Why take on a dog that may present problems?  Because aside from the food aggression issue (which she does not exhibit in her foster home), Rosie is a fabulous dog.  She is completely house trained, gets along very well with the other dogs, does not bark at much, does not chew things, rides well in the car, she knows her basic sit and come commands, and she is a sweetheart that loves attention.  She pulls some when walking on a leash but is not reactive to other dogs she passes - a little training to curtail the pulling would be helpful.  

We are looking for just the right family (without kids) that will finally land Rosie in that forever home where she will be happy and be able to show off all of her qualities and make everyone happy.   



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Partnership for Animal Welfare

P.O. Box 1074 Greenbelt MD 20768

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Great Dane

Caramelo is a 70 lb., 1 year old, Great Dane mix who just arrived to PAW from Puerto Rico.  His foster mom has the following to say abou... show more

Caramelo is a 70 lb., 1 year old, Great Dane mix who just arrived to PAW from Puerto Rico.  His foster mom has the following to say about him: Caramelo is about 70 lbs and very puppy-like, with lots of energy!  He wants to be close with you and especially likes to lean against you and have his ears scratched. In fact he likes to lay in the middle of floor wherever you are so that you have to step over him (just to make you know he’s there!). He is potty-trained and is learning “sit." Since he was a stray in Puerto Rico he isn’t used to walking on a leash but is getting the hang of it (who knew you were supposed to walk in a straight line)!   He even has his own Dropbox now – see:   When we went out for a while he stayed in the kitchen with a baby-gate across the door – didn’t even try to jump over it.  At night he slept on a dog bed in our bedroom and has done well.  He does NOT want to go in a crate.   He likes chewbones, will run after a ball sometimes, and would LOVE to rip apart all our pillows (but when we told him no he has stopped – a very good boy!).   The first few days here he didn’t bark but seems to be getting braver and started barking at some other dogs on the 3rd day.   The kennel in Puerto Rico reported that he likes to play with other dogs but we have not tried him out here.   Because of his size and energy he will need a home that will be able to take him to training so that he can learn good manners around other people and dogs.  As a puppy, he is still very mouthy and also jumps up – so he would not be good with small children.   His dream is to be adopted by somebody that is ready for this big bundle of puppy-love and that will give him lots of attention, exercise and the training he needs.  He will pay you back with all his love! show less