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Jack Daniels

Male Young Plott Hound (mixed)

If you have any questions about Jack Daniels, please contact Partnership for Animal Welfare at

Partnership for Animal Welfare

About Jack Daniels

Adoption Fee: $350.00

Jack is a 1.5 year old, 60 lb., Plott Hound Mix.  He is friendly and warms fairly quickly, but can be a bit leery and skittish at first, especially around new people and in new situations. 

His foster mom has the following to say about him: Jack is a very sweet dog.  He is timid but is warming up. 


Jack LOVES to be with other dogs!  He has a lot of energy and loves to run and play to get the exercise he needs.  We take him to the dog park almost everyday. He also likes to hang out in the fenced-in backyard most of the day when the weather is nice and to go on walks.

He may look like a black lab at first but he is definitely all hound!  Doesn’t want to chase a ball or retrieve. All he wants to do is sniff and run to try to find rabbits, squirrels and birds.  He gets on a scent and is too busy to pay attention to anything else. He will try to climb up a tree to get a squirrel and howls when he can’t get it.

Jack is doing well feeling more secure.  He did best and was happiest when we had a 2nd foster dog.  He will need somebody that has the patience and understanding to help him continue to progress.

Jack’s dream is to be adopted by a family with a 2nd dog to play with, a house with a fenced yard, where he’ll get lots of exercise, and to be loved by people that will help him feel secure and loved – and he will give you a lot of love in return!



Jack Daniels
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Partnership for Animal Welfare

P.O. Box 1074 Greenbelt MD 20768

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***Buddy has a pending adoption. Please check out our other dogs!****       Buddy is a 1.5 year old male beagle who weighs 22 lbs. His foster mom has this to say about him: Buddy is a real love bug.  He is so sweet and cute.  He wants to be with people all the time and doesn’t like to be left out.  He begs at first at the table but then will lay down.   He’s about 20 lbs (could lose a pound or so – likes treats!).  He’s a beautiful tri-color.   He likes to be with Jack (60 lb. foster Plott hound who is timid) but would be okay without another dog too.   He’s quite energetic and likes to chase the ball and run around.   Likes to go on walks and to the dog park.  He was scared of cars driving by at first when on walks but now got used to it.   He likes chewbones, stuffed toys, sitting on your lap and being petted and loved.   He let Jack know he was being too rough at first but now they have things worked out.  He also let the big dogs at the dog park know he wasn’t happy (we moved him to the small dog side and he had much more fun there).   Also he keeps getting on Jack’s bed instead of his own whenever he gets a chance so we have to keep moving him back.  This is a problem at night so we put Buddy in the crate in our bedroom and he let us know (with a lot of high pitched whining and howling) that he was not happy but eventually settled down. show less

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  Charley is just settling in with his foster parents and fur siblings so this will likely change, but his foster mom says the following, "Charley hasn’t had an accident with us. He held on to his eliminations for several hours (and overnight) and finally peed late yesterday evening. He also pooped this morning and it looked good. He has a good appetite and ate up his food with no problem. (Dry kibble with a little bit of wet food with his Rx pill.) The only issue is the food must be in a non-skid bowl and in a quiet place. Also, Charley has not taken any treats offered to him by hand. Charley is rather shy but very curious of humans and his surroundings. He is particularly skittish with ANY sudden movements (even slight ones) and loud noises. We’ve been giving him his space because he’ll dart away if we walk too close. We know Charley needs to stay as calm as possible so we don’t approach him unless it’s necessary. We were hoping he would like staying in the empty bedroom we set up for him but he didn’t. In fact, he started to paw and chew on the bars of our baby gate. Charley opened up a bit after he met our dogs and showed interest in them, particularly Nina. I’m getting the feeling that Charley may need a second dog at his adopter’s home because he got pretty anxious when they went out for their daily walks and he was left behind. (FYI- I stayed behind with Charley and he whined a lot while looking at our back door.) As much as he’ll try to avoid us, Charley slept in our bed because he refused to settle down in one of the many beds he had in our bedroom. I think he slept with other people or other dogs because he calmed down as soon as we placed him in our bed. It was really cute that he kept inching upward towards us and snuggled one of us all night. FYI- he’s back to being skittish with us this morning even though we snuggled with him all night. 🤷🏻‍♀️" Charley is heartworm positive but we are treating him and he will be as good as new in no time!   show less