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Theodore and Oscar

Male Adult American Shorthair

If you have any questions about Theodore and Oscar, please contact CatVando NFP Corp at

CatVando NFP Corp

About Theodore and Oscar

Theodore and Oscar have come a long way. 

Three years ago, Theodore was a feral kitten that wanted nothing to do with humans. When we trapped him, he was terrified and all alone. Luckily, we were able to trap his brother Oscar a few days later and reunite them, much to Theodore's delight. This inseparable duo hasn't stopped nuzzling each other since. With much love and gentle petting from their foster moms, Theodore and Oscar have become less shy and will relentlessly request cuddles and head scratches, once you win their trust. These close-knit brothers are about three-years-old, do well with cats and don't mind dogs. 



Theodore and Oscar
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Domestic Short Hair

Tri is very shy, demure and soft like a bunny.  She came to us when our vet called to ask if we could help.  An elderly woman brought he... show more

Tri is very shy, demure and soft like a bunny.  She came to us when our vet called to ask if we could help.  An elderly woman brought her in when she got her leg mangled in a car engine in December of 2011.  Tri was a feral the woman was caring for in her yard.  She couldn't afford the fee for amputation so the vet asked for our help.  We get a discount so after telling the vet never to do this again (we're a small budget agency depending solely upon donations), I said we would cover the fee at our discounted rate.  Once we said yes, she said Tri would have to stay for 10 days for rabies watch, she bit one of the techs, could we cover that............  yes.  With 2 yes's, she went for the 3rd - could we take her.  The woman was very elderly, had 2 house cats and couldn't take this young girl in and she couldn't go back out.  She's been with us ever since.  She hid for the first year, the second she came out more and continues to show herself and integrate into the house.  She continues to be shy but has her favorite people,  she will circle their feet and allow for petting, even flipping over on her back for belly rubs.  It's not always people who are here a lot, one of our volunteers, rarely here, came in and Tri was immediately attracted - you never know who she's going to pick.  I can only pet her when I'm feeding canned food. show less