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Dear Diary,

This is a very strange day. I am leaving the only family I have ever known. I don't know what is going on, but these really nice people said they are taking me to a foster home where I will be loved and spoiled until I find someone that will give me a forever home. I hope so.

Love, Jackson



Dear Diary,

I know it's been a while since I checked in, but it's been a crazy week. I was really nervous the first few days, everything was so strange. I was very confused and didn't know what was happening! All these new faces.

Well, I'm better now. My foster Mom is amazing. She takes such good care of me, and I even have a foster sister. She likes to play with me and we have fun in the back yard. 

I'm finally settling in, so let me tell you more about ME.

I'm 10 years old and my body shows it. My knees aren't the same they used to be, but I still enjoy taking short walks. I'm pretty good on the leash, but still strong for my age. I love to check out all the yummy smells and love seeing new people on my walks. I hear I'm pretty handsome, so I have to show everyone. I love a good snuggle but I also like to just relax by myself. If you've got a treat, I'll do anything you want me to. :) Yummy

I may be old, but I'm young at heart and a healty boy. I hope I find someone willing to give this old body a forever home.

Love, Jack Jack



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Cowtown Boxer Rescue

Fort Worth TX 76112

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#TheBonnieDiaries Dear Diary, Life is different for me diary. My family had some personal things going on and had to find me a new home.... show more

#TheBonnieDiaries Dear Diary, Life is different for me diary. My family had some personal things going on and had to find me a new home. Cowtown Boxer Rescue found me a foster home, a place where I can relax and continue to be loved until someone adopts me forever. I'm a little nervous, everything is so new. I'm just to get used to all the new stuff, and it's getting better. I sure hope to find someone to love me forever. Love, Bonnie   7/5/2020 Dear Diary,   Bonnie here… I’ve been with my foster family now since May and I’m really happy and am adjusting well.  My foster mom and dad say I’m the sweetest girl ever and I’m perfect in the house and car. I’m fully trained, no accidents in the house and I’ve never chewed anything. (that would be beneath me)  I’m really laid back and love to snuggle with my humans and give kisses.    We go on walks, car rides, watch movies in bed and go swimming at my grandmother’s house but I’ll only go on the first step and only if they make me.  They tell me I need to be an only dog in a house because I react to other dogs,  but I lLOVE KIDS AND PEOPLE. All the humans in my neighborhood love me and I have to go up to all of them on my walks to say hello.  Maybe I don’t realize I’m a dog.  I would love to find my forever home soon! Love, Bonnie show less

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Say hi to Fiona! Her situation really has us scratching our heads. She's been with us for 2 years now. WHY? Well...let's debunk a few my... show more

Say hi to Fiona! Her situation really has us scratching our heads. She's been with us for 2 years now. WHY? Well...let's debunk a few myths about FiFi... She doesn't look boxer. Nope, she certainly doesn't. Our adorable little snausage is definitely a mix, probably bulldog. One of the prettiest boxer-bulldogs you'll ever meet. Piercing blue eyes always checking you out. Stocky little body that will squeeze into the smallest places to get the best hugs and snuggles. Who would complain about that! 🥰 She's deaf, it'll be hard: Nope, deaf dogs are actually very easy. She knows some sign language and she will consistently look to you for cues to find out what she can and can't do. But hey, like any other boxer, that doesn't mean she's always going to obey those signs, or even watch for them. 😂 She has to be an only dog, so she must be mean. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. Sure, she must be an only dog. But this hill has been climbed many times with other dogs. It doesn't mean she is mean. She just prefers people. People she can kiss and love and snuggle and talk with. She gives the most gentle, sweetest kisses EVER. She loves to be by your side all the time. She might talk back every once in a while, but what child doesn't? Fi is a people person. She needs her person. If you want a sweet loving girl, and you have a backyard that she can run around in (squirrels are a bonus, but not necessary), a couch with comfy blanks she can lounge on (she prefers the end so she can rest her head on the arm), and open to snuggles and kisses, and don't plan to have any other dogs....Fiona is your gal. Give her a chance. Our love bug deserves it. #CBRFiona #LoveHasNoLimits show less