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Ham B. Urglar

Male Adult Domestic Short Hair

If you have any questions about Ham B. Urglar, please contact Partnership for Animal Welfare at

Partnership for Animal Welfare

About Ham B. Urglar

Adoption Fee: $105.00

Ham B. Urglar ("Burglar" to his foster dad) is a large, 3-year-old, gray-and-black shorthair tabby.Some cats are like a jalopy, cobbled together from spare parts. Burglar is more like a sports car,designed from head to tail with a smooth "blackboard tabby" pattern of grey swirls on black,with elegant double silver necklaces. The only spots of color are his two luminous orange eyes,framed by a gray mask, above a pink nose.

Burglar is not an aggressive cat; in fact, he's rather timid. But as an older ex-stray, he has boundaries. He likes being around people, lounges in a doorway nearby, rubs your leg and head-butts for food, and welcomes you with a mew halfway between a trill and a quack. He probably would not play well with small children who don't or can't follow his rules.

Burglar is a strong, active, curious kitty. His rear legs splay out comically, and he has a bumbling way of bounding along, knocking things over. He loves to sit at a window and track the outdoor action.  He doesn't mind being left by himself, and will settle down to snooze or gaze out the window. After a break-in period, Burglar now gets along well with his two foster brother cats. He joins in mutual grooming, play fighting, and their evening Olympics (dashing madly around the house and up and down the stairs).

All in all Burgler is a handsome, loveable, guy who’s ready to be a sociable companion to a patient, understanding cat lover. Burgler is neutered, up to date on his vaccinations and tested negative for FIV/FELV. To learn more about Ham B. Urgler, please contact Heather at  



Ham B. Urglar
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Partnership for Animal Welfare

P.O. Box 1074 Greenbelt MD 20768

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Caramelo is a 70 lb., 1 year old, Great Dane mix who just arrived to PAW from Puerto Rico.  His foster mom has the following to say about him: Caramelo is about 70 lbs and very puppy-like, with lots of energy!  He wants to be close with you and especially likes to lean against you and have his ears scratched. In fact he likes to lay in the middle of floor wherever you are so that you have to step over him (just to make you know he’s there!). He is potty-trained and is learning “sit." Since he was a stray in Puerto Rico he isn’t used to walking on a leash but is getting the hang of it (who knew you were supposed to walk in a straight line)!   He even has his own Dropbox now – see:   When we went out for a while he stayed in the kitchen with a baby-gate across the door – didn’t even try to jump over it.  At night he slept on a dog bed in our bedroom and has done well.  He does NOT want to go in a crate.   He likes chewbones, will run after a ball sometimes, and would LOVE to rip apart all our pillows (but when we told him no he has stopped – a very good boy!).   The first few days here he didn’t bark but seems to be getting braver and started barking at some other dogs on the 3rd day.   The kennel in Puerto Rico reported that he likes to play with other dogs but we have not tried him out here.   Because of his size and energy he will need a home that will be able to take him to training so that he can learn good manners around other people and dogs.  As a puppy, he is still very mouthy and also jumps up – so he would not be good with small children.   His dream is to be adopted by somebody that is ready for this big bundle of puppy-love and that will give him lots of attention, exercise and the training he needs.  He will pay you back with all his love! show less