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Mia Rose

Female Adult Boxer

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About Mia Rose


Dear Diary,

What a crazy time. I was living with my family, and the next thing I knew I was in a car with strangers heading to a strange place and people I've never met. But they have been really awesome and allowing me to be myself and learn some manners.

See, I'm still a little girl...only 2.5. I didn't learn the right way to be a dog. So it takes me some time to warm up to people and dogs. If I see them on my walks, I get a little anxious and want to tell them how worried I am and that I don't know them and that I see that as a threat. But they don't understand what I'm saying. But my foster Mom says I've gotten better because now I get walks all the time and see people and dogs more often. I just need more consistent training and a forever family that will be patient with me.

But I also love to snuggle and get lovins. When my foster Mom's friends come to visit, my little nubber just gets waggin, and I patiently wait for them to show me affection, I don't jump on them or antyhing. I enjoy my crate, and I don't potty in the house at all. 

I'm hoping to meet a family that will love me forever.

Love, Mia Rose



Mia Rose
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Cowtown Boxer Rescue

Fort Worth TX 76112

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Say hi to Fiona! Her situation really has us scratching our heads. She's been with us for 2 years now. WHY? Well...let's debunk a few myths about FiFi... She doesn't look boxer. Nope, she certainly doesn't. Our adorable little snausage is definitely a mix, probably bulldog. One of the prettiest boxer-bulldogs you'll ever meet. Piercing blue eyes always checking you out. Stocky little body that will squeeze into the smallest places to get the best hugs and snuggles. Who would complain about that! 🥰 She's deaf, it'll be hard: Nope, deaf dogs are actually very easy. She knows some sign language and she will consistently look to you for cues to find out what she can and can't do. But hey, like any other boxer, that doesn't mean she's always going to obey those signs, or even watch for them. 😂 She has to be an only dog, so she must be mean. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. Sure, she must be an only dog. But this hill has been climbed many times with other dogs. It doesn't mean she is mean. She just prefers people. People she can kiss and love and snuggle and talk with. She gives the most gentle, sweetest kisses EVER. She loves to be by your side all the time. She might talk back every once in a while, but what child doesn't? Fi is a people person. She needs her person. If you want a sweet loving girl, and you have a backyard that she can run around in (squirrels are a bonus, but not necessary), a couch with comfy blanks she can lounge on (she prefers the end so she can rest her head on the arm), and open to snuggles and kisses, and don't plan to have any other dogs....Fiona is your gal. Give her a chance. Our love bug deserves it. #CBRFiona #LoveHasNoLimits show less