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Male Great Dane

If you have any questions about Ivan, please contact Great Dane Rescue of MN & WI at

Great Dane Rescue of MN & WI

About Ivan

Meet Ivan!

Ivan is a 2.5 year old Great Dane who absolutely loves life. He is a social butterfly who loves going out on whatever the adventure of the day is - be it a walk around the neighborhood or exploring somewhere new. While he enjoys the company of his foster siblings (other great danes and a pit bull), his true love in this world is people. In true Dane fashion, he is extremely people-oriented and thrives on human interaction. Every person has been put on Earth to give him attention (so he says)!

In his previous home he grew up around 5 children and loved them very much, though he did knock them over by accident sometimes.

Typical to the breed, Ivan does have a stubborn streak in him and will need a home that can set boundaries. He thinks that you should share your food with him, that he can run out the door if it opens, and that telling him to "sit" is optional sometimes.

Though he may lack in those departments, he excels in so many others. His house training is top notch. Even though he came into foster care intact, even though he was on prednisone, even though he was in a new place, there was never one accident. To date Ivan has not had a single accident in his foster home. He goes to the door and paws it to let you know he needs to potty.

He is also crate trained and will run in right on command. If left open you'll often find him sleeping in it.

Ivan's personality is second to none - he is the happiest, silliest dog you'll meet. He doesn't have a serious bone in his body and thinks that everything is the best game ever. Not a day will go by without him making you laugh, whether it's his excited hops on a walk or when he's laying across your ottoman 100% totally "fitting". Ivan is the type of dog who will bond with you and be your dog for life. 

Ivan's one flaw if you would even call it that, is his leash reactivity to other dogs. He will need a strong handler to walk him and continue working on training with him. He is eager to please and has so much potential!

He loves his family hard, and will give you his heart and soul forever.



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Great Dane

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Ayla is a “love at first sight” striking blue dane. She’s not just gorgeous, she has an affectionate and loving personality. When she decides that you are her people, nothing makes her happier than being by your side, nuzzling with her nose as a request for affection. When in an unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar people, she is reserved and can display anxious behaviors. After a couple weeks in foster care though, she settled in with more calm, allowing her curious and still puppyish personality to shine. In a calm setting with people she knows, Alya takes to new people and experiences with greater ease. Ayla is most shy with men and takes longer to warm up to them.   She has not displayed any aggressive or destructive behaviors in foster care. Because of current life circumstances and our ability to work from home, Alya has a lot of 1:1 attention, a routine and is rarely left alone – which eases her separation anxiety. She would likely not thrive with extended periods home alone. We have introduced her to daycare with her anxiety diminishing after the first visit, although we have limited interaction with other dogs to this point to allow her to become more accustomed to this environment. Ayla has no known medical conditions and is not on any medications. She took to a diet change without any difficulties and has not had any of the common gastrointestinal issues that danes often have. She is very food motivated and could be a counter surfer given the opportunity. She is very interested during human meals. As to not encourage her food curiosity, we limit treats to a reward when she goes into her crate. She is house trained and has not had a single accident in the house. Alya loves being outdoors, especially the wide country space foster care has provided. She would be unhappy without consistent outdoor excursions. She walks well with a gentle leader although she is also allowed to be safely off leash with close supervision. She has become accustomed to daily 3 mile walks. We are working on ‘come’ commands as she can become distracted by her nose. Alya enjoys antlers, benebones, and soft squeaker toys. She is an excellent sleeper in her create at night. We continue to have a routine of daytime crating, gradually increasing length of time to minimize anxiety, make it a positive experience and nurture calm behaviors in the crate. Alya loves to ride in the car. Alya thrives in a structured, quiet environment with lots of attention and outside play. We were told that she is anxious and plays too rough with other dogs so to ensure her safety, she is the only animal in foster care, although we don’t have evidence that this is a requirement for a forever home.  Want to get to know her a little better? Check her out on Facebook--  It’s Life with Ayla. show less