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Female Senior Maltese

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About Emmie

Adoption Fee: $295.00

She has a very sweet demeanor. Loves her toys, is very loyal, and is in need of a lot of attention. She is snap trained, and for the most part potty trained. She doesn't like my backyard so it causes her to have some accidents on days where she doesn't want to go on the dirt. She has no problem going to the bathroom in the grass though so I'm thinking that it's just because of our yard. I've worked a lot on her anxiety these past few months and she's gotten a lot better. I just know that she requires more time, and I notice that after I come back from a shift at the hospital that she is affected by it. She does well when getting groomed. Only thing is, she hates her nails being done. She does better if given CBD before getting her nails done, but long exposures to CBD can cause the opposite affect so it should only be used very sparingly for specific purposes. Her favorite toys are rubber toys that squeak and balls. She is great with people and loves kids, but she is not very good with other dogs. She has adapted to being around the other dogs I have, but she's really more of a candidate for a single dog home where they can place their attention primarily on her. She gets very jealous when other dogs are receiving the attention. She is trained well to go on walks with her harness, but never use a collar because she will get loose almost immediately and sometimes she has been known to get feisty with other dogs when she is off the leash and if their personalities clash. I have her on a specific diet because she has a sensitive stomach. I cook her chicken and steamed carrots. There is only 1 treat that doesn't upset her stomach and it's available at Costco or on chewy. It only has 2 ingredients. She is very simplistic when it comes to food. She is also ok with peanut butter (dog safe... no sugar. Just peanuts). I've worked a lot on her and she really is such a good dog and she listens, she just needs a home that can give her more attention and where her days are more structured. She loves to travel and go on walks, but she also enjoys peace and quite. She loves kids but sometimes they can be too much for her and it can be overstimulating. I really do love her and want her to go to a home that is well suited for her. 




8 years, 11 months
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