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Female Adult Chihuahua (mixed)

If you have any questions about Kiki, please contact Charlie's Crusaders Pet Rescue, LLC at

Charlie's Crusaders Pet Rescue, LLC

About Kiki

Meet Kiki! Please Note only available in Mississippi/Tennessee area! Current foster says this about her: Kiki was a resident of the vet's office a few years back. They don't remember how she got there, just that they rehomed her to a client of theirs. Recently, the client got a divorce and neither wanted Kiki, so she was taken back to the vet where she was put into a stainless steal kennel. She didn't do well in there and became very aggressive and attacked anyone who came near the door. It was all they could do to get food in to her. She stayed there over a month when they asked me to find a person who worked with highly fractious dogs and would take her on. I agreed, but later told them, I needed to see for myself how fractious she was and whether she would relax perceptibly after sitting with her for a while. The vet assistant was unable to get her out, but the vet managed to get a leash on her and lead her out into a room with me and a bag of treats and protective clothing. 45 minutes later, I walked out of the room carrying Kiki. I brought her home, where she's been sleeping in my bed with me every night and is the best of companions. There's no predicting whether she'll take to a new owner with no problems, so for that reason, I want to adopt her locally where the adoption applicant can come to my house and meet Kiki and sit with her for 45 minutes like I did and where I can go get her if it doesn't work out.Please apply today at 



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Charlie's Crusaders Pet Rescue, LLC

5534 Holly Ridge Dr Horn Lake MS 38637

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Pit Bull Terrier

Meet Campbell! Campbell is a sweet boy around 3 years old with similarities to a Pit and Lab mix. Campbell is almost 60 pounds of love a... show more

Meet Campbell! Campbell is a sweet boy around 3 years old with similarities to a Pit and Lab mix. Campbell is almost 60 pounds of love and kisses. Campbell was rescued from a high kill shelter in Memphis, TN in late 2019 and then spent 6 weeks in boarding in the south while waiting for a foster in the north. When Campbell finally found a foster family and arrived in Pennsylvania, he was found to have heart worms (treatable, but very preventable) and he received heart worm treatment in early 2020. Campbell is now heart worm free and will need monthly heart worm preventative (a chewable pill) and yearly heart worm testing. While getting the care for the heart worm treatment, his foster family fell completely in love and adopted him. Shortly after being adopted, Campbell’s dad started working from home full time because of COVID-19, and Campbell completely flourished. He enjoyed spending all day with his dad, 2 dog brothers, and 2 cat siblings. Campbell’s mom also enjoyed more time with the family because her work hours had been reduced. Tragically, on June 9th, Campbell’s dad passed away from a heart attack, leaving Campbell, his siblings, and his mom devastated. Campbell's mom recently went back to work full time and doesn't want Campbell to spend his days alone (his dog brothers are used to her work scheudule and are older). Campbell needs a family that will be home more than she can she be. Campbell is a “Velcro dog” that will follow you around and nudge you to let you know that he wants attention. He NEEDS people and for that reason, Charlie’s Crusaders requires that Campbell be adopted into a home where he will not be left alone for more than a few hours at a time. Campbell must have a home with a 6 foot fenced in yard and a family with higher energy and breed experience- he loves to play and run around. He is getting very good at fetch and does great on car rides. Campbell loves rope toys and fake “growls” while he plays tug of war. Campbell also LOVES to cuddle, snuggle, and get belly rubs. Due to the tragic circumstances of why Campbell is being listed for adoption, we ask that the new adopters agree keep in touch with Campbell’s current mom, as she is understandably devastated. Campbell is up to date on his shots and neutered. Campbell is house trained, crate trained, and is learning to walk well on a leash/harness. Campbell is great with older kids- he still jumps when excited and tends to be under your feet while he follows you around the house. Campbell is good with cats and dogs with a proper introduction. If you are interested in adopting Campbell, please apply at! Please note you muust Own your own home, Have a 6ft fenced in yard show less

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Meet Duke! Duke is a Tri-pod estimated to be around 3 years old, 60 lbs and a husky mix! He is an owner surrender, the family is moving... show more

Meet Duke! Duke is a Tri-pod estimated to be around 3 years old, 60 lbs and a husky mix! He is an owner surrender, the family is moving further down South where the temperatures are hotter and Duke will not be able to tolerate more heat due to his breed. His current owners say this about him: Duke is such a lovely dog. He needs a home with a strong male or a large female companion dog. He should not be anywhere with Chickens or small animals. He’s an absolute beauty. He is also the fastest three legged dog you will ever meet. I would rather him go up North than stay here in Mississippi. Duke is UTD son shots and is neutered. He is a Rescue from Michigan. The previous owners  stepped on his leg when he was 8 weeks old, put him in a cage for a month until they noticed something was wrong. It was so mangled during the puppy growth timeline that they decided to amputate the leg at 12 weeks.  Other than that, the back leg is in good condition. He loves to run and there is not chance of him having leg issues with the remaining leg as long as he doesn’t run into something. He’s such a great dog. I just can’t put him through another hot summer that will be more intense. He needs snow and a yard. Apply today at PLEASE NOTE you must own you own home, have a fenced in yard and breed experience.  show less