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Female Baby Labrador Retriever

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About Winifred

Looking for a tail-waggin’ good time? Look no further than Winifred! Winifred is a rambunctious and happy-go-lucky puppy and we mean it! With her tail always wagging, she tries to play with everyone and everything in the house. Winifred can also entertain herself when all of her foster siblings are exhausted and napping- you’ll find her running around the house with a toy in her mouth. Already accustomed to the luxuries of the household, Winifred prefers to snuggle up in your blankets on your bed for her naps. Winifred is working on her house training and crate training and is picking it up quickly so as long as she goes to a home with a patient and loving teacher, she should get it down fast! Does little Winifred fit in with your family? Fill out an application today at!

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Great Pyrenees

Living in a rural area just outside of Lytle, little Huron had made a life for himself foraging for food in a trailer park and being shu... show more

Living in a rural area just outside of Lytle, little Huron had made a life for himself foraging for food in a trailer park and being shunned away from all of those who didn't care for him. He was skin and bones and somehow had injured his rear leg. We are not quite sure of the history - either a snare or run in with a car - we can only surmise. Nature did its thing and his foot healed, not perfectly, but it healed. He has sort of a club foot at the moment and a wound that is closing up nicely. He walks around well despite his injury with only a slight limp. And his foster is doing a fabulous job putting weight on Huron. He certainly has a hearty appetite and forgiving spirit. Our best guess is that Huron is part Great Pyrenees and some sort of spaniel. He is the sweetest most gentle soul you may ever meet. He tolerates his foot being handled and all sorts of poking and prodding. Huron gets along with everyone in the foster's house both humans and canines. He is so grateful to be in house with room service, air conditioning, his very own couch, and of course a full time caretaker. Give this guy a few weeks and he is sure to look like a movie star. If you are looking for a larger gentle dog to join your family, consider adopting Huron. He is OH so awesome! fill out an application at show less