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Male Young American Pit Bull Terrier

If you have questions about Deuces please contact

The Anti-Cruelty Society

About Deuces

Is there anything cuter than a puppy? Before you decide to take the plunge into raising a puppy keep in mind the amount of commitment it takes. Puppies are not housetrained, they don't know that shoes are not chew toys, and they won't know any of the cool tricks adult dogs know like how to sit on cue or walk on a leash. Puppies need lots of patience, love, supervision, and proper socialization. A great way to bond with a new puppy would be to take a positive reinforcement-based puppy class together. If you are up for the adventure of raising a puppy come down to The Anti-Cruelty Society and meet your new best friend.

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Gracie Slick

You can read more about Gracie Slick in her adoption description below. If you think your home is a good match for this rabbit, please c... show more

You can read more about Gracie Slick in her adoption description below. If you think your home is a good match for this rabbit, please complete our virtual adoption application at this link and a member of our adoption team will follow-up with you regarding next steps. Note that adoptions are completed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Gracie Slick (A44258742) was surrendered to The Anti-Cruelty Society because her owner had allergies. Gracie Slick was handled and socialized, and is now a friendly rabbit that loves attention. She is athletic and loves jumping onto tall, solid objects like large boxes and her plastic bunny hutch. An ideal home would allow Gracie Slick freedom to roam in a bunny-proofed area, as rabbits are very curious and love to chew! Rabbit-proofing your home includes ensuring it's free from reachable cords, wires, houseplants, and any other potentially harmful items. Gracie Slick will also need a litter pan with paper-based litter, a daily-freshened bowl of water, 2 cups of daily of fresh, green veggies, unlimited amounts of hay, and 1/2 cup of pellets daily. She will need regular brushing and nail trims. Gracie Slick will also need enrichment such as rabbit toys, rabbit chew toys, and most importantly, love and attention from her family! show less