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About Maggie

Maggie is currently being fostered at Coconut Hound Haven in Brockville, ON

Hi there. I don't know, if you know how hard it can be to be a puppy in the Dominican Republic. My mom left me on my own one day on the streets and I wasn't sure what to do but I started rooting around in the garbage on the streets to try and find something to eat and I was covered in little bugs that made me itch and bleed. I really missed my mom terribly. A sweet woman must have felt sorry for me and she started leaving out food for me so at least my belly stopped hurting. It was hard though to find a place to sleep and I had to constantly dodge cars and motorcycles which is super scary. One day the nice woman who was feeding me picked me up and said enough of this life for me. She took me to a clinic (?) and they took me to a place called the CHH. They have fixed me up and I feel great. I am looking for a home to call my home. They all say I never have to live on the streets again.

Note from rescue: Today at the DCDR monthly parasite clinic, a woman brought in a street dog that has been trying to find food in the garbage. She said it broke her heart to watch it look for food. She put out what she could for him, but she knew he needed more help then she could give. This girl, now called Maggie, approx. 7 months old (D.O.B - January 1, 2019) and is in much better condition. She is all cleaned up (fleas and ticks are gone), has started her vaccinations and been spayed. Maggie is an active girl who needs a fenced in yard to be allowed to fun freely. An active family that could continue to challenge her would be fabulous. Maggie can be a bit of a chewer; she does require chew toys to keep her occupied and out of trouble. 

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Island Mix

Bailee is being fostered in Sosua, Dominican Republic.   Hello My name Bailee. I am a cuddle bug and want nothing more than to please my... show more

Bailee is being fostered in Sosua, Dominican Republic.   Hello My name Bailee. I am a cuddle bug and want nothing more than to please my human. I was given to the rescue by my owner who couldn’t care for me. I miss having a mom of my own everyday. My foster mom says I’m a great big, sweet kid. I really need to be the only dog in the house. I like other dogs and play super nicely but I have a high prey drive. Sometimes I can be a bit of a bully. I am working on it but I still need practice. I don’t do so well around older dogs. I likely shouldn’t be around cats or small critters. I listen extremely well and I walk very well on leash. I like to be close to my human and I am a take anywhere kind of pup. Do you think you might want to be my forever family? I promise to be super good. My foster mom does say I need someone who keeps my manners in line and isn’t afraid to be in charge of me. When I think I am the boss, sometimes I can get into a bit of trouble. I am 45 lbs and 2 years old (D.O.B - 07/06/2017). I have been spayed and I am up to date on my vaccinations.  Rescue note: Because we suspect Bailee has some Staffie/Bully Breed in her she will only be available for adoption outside of Ontario where there are no BSL laws. If I am the gal for you please fill out an application form for me below and we will see if you and I are the perfect match! show less

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Island Mix

CeeTee is currently being fostered in Sosua, Dominican Republic. For Adoption!! CEETEE aka Car Top Girl Hey! My name is CeeTee or as som... show more

CeeTee is currently being fostered in Sosua, Dominican Republic. For Adoption!! CEETEE aka Car Top Girl Hey! My name is CeeTee or as some of you may know me as Car Top Girl! Today was my lucky day. I have a bit of a sad story as many animals here do so we are going to back it up a little bit so I can share my story. My Dominican owner really loved me but worked a lot and we lived really close to a busy road. This meant I was alone most of the time and I had to be tied up. A couple of really nice girls helped me out with medications, and spaying so no babies through an organization called DCDR. I do not know what that even means but it meant they would come visit me, bring me snacks, and take me for walks. They even brought me a little house to live in. I loved the visits and it broke my heart each time they left....I know they felt the same. But ya know what?? Today my owner saw them across the highway and asked if they could take me home. He wanted a better life for me. I could see them talking and I KNEW from how big the girls were smiling that they were going to take me. I started squealing and jumping up and down! OMG! I get to leave with them. They put my house in the vehicle after a few tries but they go it in. I waiting as patiently as I could before I got in the car. We were off to the new adventure. I knew where I was going as I was there last year when I hurt my foot! It is that place with all the dogs and food. We pulled up in front of the house and "YUP" this is it....THIS IS IT!. The girls just took me in the yard with all the dogs. I was scared for a minute and then remembered most of the dogs. Ohhhh...there were some new ones who wanted to play. Five of them to be exact and I have been playing since I got here. I am in heaven. I am so happy my tail has not stopped wagging. I really needed more people and dogs as I was lonely. I am great with dogs, cats, and kids. I really like kids A LOT. I am fine without a fence and walk excellent on a leash as the girls use to walk me through my area. My favorite thing to do is hug people and snuggle in bed. I am low to medium energy. DOB Jan. 1, 2018. 55 pounds but should loose some weight. Would be good at 45-50 pound area. Spayed. UTD on vaccinations. Microchipped. show less