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New AWOs can receive free Petstablished Software

Here's how it works - For groups with over (100) adoptions per year, we simply require (10) monthly microchip registrations or adoptions payments processed to waive the $49 monthly fee. For groups with under (100) adoptions per year, we simply require (5) monthly microchip registrations or adoption payments processed to waive the $24 monthly fee.

This comes with so many additional benefits including the following:

  • AWOs with or without a veterinarian can now connect with one of our pharmacy partners and their partnering DVMs to save thousands on pet medical supplies (restrictions apply).
  • Our groups have earned an average of over $20 extra per adoption through our payment portal’s additional donation feature.
  • Adopters have the option to cover all payment processing fees. Groups using Petstablished have saved thousands of dollars as around 50% of adopters and donors have chosen to cover processing fees when making an in-kind donation or adoption payment.
  • By using our payment portal to process adoption payments, you will also never have to pay for access to our software (full list of features can be found at the bottom of this page).
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Petstablished was created to help Animal Welfare Organizations (AWOs) of all sizes, raise more money and manage their day-to-day tasks at an affordable price. As we grow, we will continue to improve our already amazing product, and will find other ways to share revenues with YOU to help increase pet adoptions.

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  • UNLIMITED pets per year
  • 24 hour customer support

Mobile Friendly

If you’re on the go use Petstablished on your phone or tablet.


Create groups (Adoption Review, Manager) and assign them to your users. Limit what users can see and do.


Export your pet data to different channels. Give your pets greater visibility for a higher chance of adoption.

iFrame & APIs

Embed a pet adoption widget on your website or designed your own with our API


Create medical reminders for pets and reminders for your staff.

Medical Records

Medical Records management. Store medical records and download full medical history for all pets.

Form Generator

Allows you to create custom Adoption, Foster and Volunteer forms

Application Processing

Petstablished helps streamline application processing. The more applications you get the more time consuming it is to keep data up to date. Petstablished is the only software that helps automate this process for you.


Keep track of all the messages between adopter and you within our system. Now you can message your adopters within the system.


Assign Tasks to staff. See the progress and determine if each staff is doing their job.


Donation Management allows you to store donations as currency or items. You can also set up a donation account to allow users to donation online


An address book for all the people interacting with your organization. Our system is smart enough to create contacts of all adopter, foster, donors, etc.


Generate comprehensive reports of all data in the system. Create annual summaries or detailed monthly reports.

Cage Cards

Create different size cage cards for adoption events.


Store documents/attachments and attach them to pets, contacts and adopters

Newsletters Template

Send out automated newsletter templated emails to your adapters every 3,6,12 months to stay in touch.

Activity Logs

All data revisions are tracked. Check how a pet's data changed over time or what any Staff member was up to.

Microchip Registry

Microchip Registry simplified to just 2 clicks. Completely integrated with the system.
Our Lost and Found/Microchip Inquiries line is manned 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
Call us at 1-855-684-3184 Ext. 3.

Microchip Store

Purchase Microchips with us and get discounts.
Our Lost and Found/Microchip Inquiries line is manned 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
Call us at 1-855-684-3184 Ext. 3.


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