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  • Last Hope K9 Rescue

    I LOVE the new design of "View Public Profile" on the Manage menu!

    Last Hope K9 Rescue2/22/18
  • Love At Lost Dog

    "I am new to the software but I think it is awesome! It is also awesome that the software is free. Thank you for donating something that will make a huge difference to lots and lots of people and dogs!"

    Love At Lost Dog2/21/18
  • Last Hope K9 Rescue

    "I absolutely love using petstablished! Its awesome and so easy to use."

    Last Hope K9 Rescue 2/20/18
  • Loved At Last Dog Rescue

    "Everyone at LALDR is loving how much easier things are with Pestablished and are amazed we ever functioned without it."

    Loved At Last Dog Rescue7/9/17
  • SAFE St. Kitts

    "... I'm always blown away by how quickly your team responds to my emails and how helpful they always are. Petstablished is the best and I am grateful to your support staff for always being so reliable and courteous. "

    SAFE St. Kitts2/19/17
  • Mutt Hut Rescue

    "We LOVE it!!! I love when one of the members has a question about a dog, I can say, 'Check Petstablished.' I seriously do not know how we survived before using it!!"

    Mutt Hut Rescue2/15/17
  • St. Sophia's Forgotten Felines

    "Anyways, we are LOVING this database and can't believe how much of a drastic improvement it is from our old system.  You all have an amazing support team and a great product."

    St. Sophia's Forgotten Felines2/9/17
  • TLC Fosters NP

    "...Petstablished has changed the way we do business and we LOVE it.  I would love to be a reference for any new organizations considering using your products. I don't miss dragging around paper and trying to get all of the info to the adopters."  

    TLC Fosters NP1/12/17
  • California Rescue Org

    “I have to tell you that I love the software!  I think it will work brilliantly for what we need, and I also love the microchipping options because of the discounts that you provide, and it helps get all our dogs microchipped.”

    California Rescue Org11/30/16
  • Carolina Coonhound Rescue

    “It’s the best system out there!  We always have other rescues contacting us about who we are using and how we like it, and we can’t help but rave about you guys. We love it. It’s an awesome program!”

    Carolina Coonhound Rescue9/2/16
  • Illinois Rescue Org.

    “We love the software!  It’s what we’ve been looking for for two years.”

    Illinois Rescue Org.7/13/16
  • Illinois Rescue Org.

    We are absolutely thrilled with your software. You have solved almost every problem we had as a rescue!

    Illinois Rescue Org.6/14/16
  • Oklahoma Shelter

    “We are making the move to PetStablished!”

    Oklahoma Shelter6/10/16
  • Virginia Veterinary Center

    “This program has been very easy to work with and really has increased our adoptions.”

    Virginia Veterinary Center6/9/16
  • Michigan Rescue Org.

    “Petstablished as not only decluttered the office! It has made us mobile, more efficient, lightened our load, and given us the ability to be more professional despite the fact that we are a small rescue. It has given us more time to do our jobs and save lives, and hasn't cost us our entire financial checkbook! From the sales team to the support staff they are professional, understanding, and have the same heart and drive we do! This was the scariest yet best decision and relationship that our organization ever made!”

    Michigan Rescue Org.5/20/16
  • Multi-State Rescue Org

    Overall Petstablished is an amazing system. I love using it, and it's going to help our organization so much. I really want to thank you for helping us get set up with the program. Any rescue group I come into contact with, I discuss your product in hopes they will reach out to you to use it as well

    Multi-State Rescue Org4/8/16
  • Minnesota Animal Control Org

    “So far I am quite pleased with the software, it is easy to navigate and has a nice flow to it. Thanks for all your help!”

    Minnesota Animal Control Org4/5/16
  • Virginia Rescue Org.

    “I just wanted to thank you for such an incredibly quality product. We just changed to your software and it's been an incredible experience. We are now adding our historical data and are going to begin using your microchips. All in all, a wonderful experience for us. Thank you, thank you!!!”

    Virginia Rescue Org.12/11/15
  • Pennsylvania Rescue Org.

    ...I’ve worked with rescues all over the country since 1989, and this is the best thing I’ve ever seen. "This is a Godsend!

    Pennsylvania Rescue Org.10/23/15
  • Virginia Rescue Org.

    “...We really like what we seen of your services so far.”

    Virginia Rescue Org.10/22/15
  • Texas Rescue Org.

    “...I love the program…”

    Texas Rescue Org.10/21/15
  • Georgia Rescue Org

    “We really love the program!  It’s been so helpful to us already…”

    Georgia Rescue Org10/21/15
  • Georgia Rescue Org.

    ...I am LOVING the software as we are really starting to use it more and get our fosters involved in keeping pets updated. I'm starting to use the medical records and love the reminders! We had our first application through the software last week and it was not only flawless, it was AWESOME!!

    Georgia Rescue Org.10/19/15
  • NY Rescue Org.

    “...I am so excited! This is going to be an awesome resource!”

    NY Rescue Org.4/26/15
  • Multi-state Rescue Org.

    “OMG! This program is gonna be my new best friend!

    Multi-state Rescue Org.4/16/15
  • California Rescue Org

    “Can I just say I love this program…!”

    California Rescue Org4/2/15
  • Multi-state Rescue Org

    “...Your software has helped us more than I can put into words…”

    Multi-state Rescue Org3/20/15
  • NYC Rescue Org

    I just want to say first how thrilled I am so far with Petstablished…...You’ve been so responsive, you take so many suggestions, and we are more organized than we ever have been. I love it!

    NYC Rescue Org3/18/15
  • Humane Society of Terrell County, Georgia

    Myself and another volunteer with HSTC were almost overcome with emotions when we realized what Petstablished is going to do for our organization. Without an actual shelter, and simply a group/network of volunteers, this software is going to help us tremendously! We are so fortunate to be selected to beta test! Thank you thank you!!

    Humane Society of Terrell County, Georgia2/22/15
  • Georgia County Shelter

    “”I think I’m gonna cry.  This is so awesome!”

    Georgia County Shelter2/16/15
  • Tennessee County Shelter

    “I love this.  I want you to hear that first….”

    Tennessee County Shelter2/13/15
  • Multi-state Rescue and Transport

    “This is really wonderful, and I think it's going to help us a lot!"

    Multi-state Rescue and Transport2/6/15
  • Boulder, CO Rescue Org.

    “love the site so far…”

    Boulder, CO Rescue Org.1/29/15
  • Boulder, CO Rescue Org.

    “just wanted to share some early feedback about how impressed I am with the site! very easy to use. clean layout, nice features…”

    Boulder, CO Rescue Org.1/29/15
  • Boston, MA Rescue Org.

    “'s better than anything else out there right now and were impressed…”

    Boston, MA Rescue Org.1/29/15
  • Carolina Rescue Org.

    "This is really awesome!...We have been researching software for two months.....I think this is going to help us move to the next level and to grow."

    Carolina Rescue Org.1/27/15
  • Multi-state Rescue Org.

    "OMG! I cannot tell you how much of a lifesaver this is going to be!"

    Multi-state Rescue Org.1/26/15
  • Connecticut Rescue Org.

    "...very happy to be able to use this.  It's much easier and better than anything I've seen or used."

    Connecticut Rescue Org. 1/23/15